Yvon Lemieux

My Art and Journey

Painting a Country

Yvon Lemieux was born in the small parish of St. Pascal in Québec. He began painting at the age of 16; it has now been 50 years. Where does time go when you are having fun? Yvon started his artistic journey doing pencil drawings of the people he observed in the town square. He feels very lucky to have had a teacher in the eighth grade who was an artist and had displayed his paintings on the classroom walls. Yvon was soon trying to replicate what he saw; he began to play with colours, forms and shapes on canvas. Keen observation, drawing, composition and colour harmonies were the most difficult elements for him to learn.

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Text by Valerie Kent

Yvon Lemieux is represented by:

Galerie Q

1521 County Road 10, Cavan, Ontario, L0A 1C0

Phone: (705) 944-8888



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