Editorial Spring 2019

The urgency of reconnecting

with our humanity through art!

Who does not have the unfortunate impression that we are cur-rently living in an era of endless chaos? Between the incessant ‘work-sleep-work’ routine, the use of psychostimulants to increase concentration for some and of anxiolytics to reduce anxiety in others. Between the cyber dependencies to social media, to the dictatorial mobile phone and the relentless pursuit of compulsory performance, I remain convinced that a person’s psychological health does not solely rest on managing one’s melancholy or spleen with scoopfuls of pills from the official pharmacopeia.

In an overly medicated society, where a large part of the popu-lation, perpetually stressed, seeks artificial escapism via chintzy trifle distractions and harmful consumption, emerges a definite impression that there is no room anymore for creativity, excelling oneself or any other notion of human value and altruism. Outside of this increasingly virtual world, driven by advertising campaigns viciously orchestrated to dictate how we should live and what we should look like, there unfortunately remains little opportunity to live a full life. There is no room left to establish benchmarks that would help us reach some balance, attain personal harmony and bolster a solid identity. Let’s be frank, our society is less focused on humanity and reciprocity than we would like to believe. Life lacks

meaning for the many who feel they are missing what’s essential. In short, the vacuity of modern life is growing, much against our will. Here is where Art Therapy comes in. A method that rests on each individual’s personal potential to express himself through images and verbalise without constraint what emanates from his inner soul and souvenirs. Thank you to the MMFN!
Nathalie Bondil, Director of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, is well aware of the beneficial effects of visual arts on individuals. In this regard, the programming developed in collaboration with the Health community proposes innovative projects adapted for per-sons living with either socializing or social inclusion disorders. Commented visits and creative workshops: the whole intended to provide a significant artistic and cultural experience. The simple and authentic comeback of human values will undoubtedly be effected through art and culture. I readily affirm that art is the ultimate safeguard against further erosion of our humanity!

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Michel Bois


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