The Magazine

The reference magazine for galleries, art lovers and collectors.

MAGAZIN’ART is a bilingual quarterly magazine of 168 to 216 pages. Since 1988 , we have been offering a specialized magazine defending the colours of figurative art and those of creators whose talents must be discovered and appreciated! We are a high quality and regularly published magazine to promote art galleries and increase the number of client-investors.

Major articles are adapted from French to English, but also from English to French. They are presented in a section of between 40 and 60 pages, specially identified FOR OUR ENGLISH READERS.


The Art of Purchasing Art

MAGAZIN’ART is a bridge between painters and sculptors and the galleries that sell their art, as well as collectors, small and large, private and corporate.

MAGAZIN’ART is also the publication that serves as a reference and catalog for collectors.

Promoting our artists, but also following what is happening on the art market abroad, supporting the cultural and educational achievements of our museums, schools of visual art, advising art buyers in every aspect, that is the goal of MAGAZIN’ART, the art of “shopping” visually, from one page to the next…


Supporting Artists

To experience art daily, at home or at the office, one must first and foremost learn about the tastes, techniques and ambitions of our artists.

MAGAZIN’ART introduces them by meeting them on site, in their creative spaces. Our artists express themselves wholeheartedly and welcomingly open the doors to their studio.


Supporting Galleries

The great art galleries of Quebec and Canada introduce us, sometimes exclusively, to the painters they represent. Gallery directors lead us on visits of their galleries, discussing art and how to purchase art.


Supporting Collectors

Passion for the arts is a source great pleasure in MAGAZIN’ART. From company collections to private investments, the magazine also offers a full range of practical services: tax information, rental, insurance, tips on theft protection, introduction to art, painting restoration, framing, lighting, placement, hanging, etc.


The Editorial Team

MAGAZIN’ART brings together specialists in the art of editing and advertising who trained in the best schools, and authors of renowned books with extensive professional experience, predominantly in major Canadian museums and in press marketing.


Editor and Art Director: Odette Moreau

Publishing Consultant: Jacques Latulippe

Editor in Chief: Michel Bois

English Editor: Noel Meyer

Graphic Designer: Luc Girouard

Marketing Director: Christianne Francoeur

Legal Adviser: Me Jacques Dessureault

Web Design: MissPixels

Facebook and Twitter Community Managers Facebook et Twitter: MissPixels et Josée Brisson