Summer 2019

Christian Bergeron

Great Encounter

“Painting is writing with light, said Salva. You must first learn its alphabet, then its grammar. Only then will you be able to master style and magic.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Despite a climactic career of fifty years, Christian Bergeron remains the best kept secret of Québec’s young history of art. This in spite of the fact that his paintings are selling like hot cakes, here and elsewhere. Indeed, prestigious galleries in the United States, in Europe and largely in Canada, are displaying his undeniable powerfully expressive and attractive works.

A reserved man, of great stature, with piercing eyes, and extremely sensitive, from the outset he states that this will be the third journalistic interview of his fifty years career. Yet the man is rather talkative and knowledgeable about art. I am rather spellbound. His comments on the topicality of art are ringing in my ears as a symphony attuned with knowledge, experience and success.

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Text by Michel Bois

Christian Bergeron is represented by :

Galerie Porte Rouge : 61, Saint Jean Baptiste Street, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC – 418 760-8830 galerieporterouge@gmail.con

Galeries Cimon : 77, Du Sault-Au-Matelot Street, Québec, QC – 418 694-7959 / 35, de Buade Street, Québec, QC – 418 694-7999

421 Gallery : 560 Raymer Avenue, Kelowna, BC – 250 448-8888

Despite a climactic career of fifty years…

Caine Harris

As Profoundly Authentic as Possible

New Figuration

“My brush-strokes start in nothing and they end in nothing, and in- between you find the image.” – Karel Appel

The works of Caine Harris displayed at Galerie Québec Art constitute an unexpected and formidable gift of creation in the city of Québec. There is absolutely no commonplace with the clichéd works over-exhibited in surrounding galleries. Whether taking into account the taste of art collectors or of passing tourists, a gallery should also dare to show unusual pieces of incomparable quality. Far from decorative or insipid eye-catching illustrations, Caine Harris’ works are extremely expressive. The proud New Brunswicker is a self-thought and brilliant artist.

21 x 17 in

21 x 17 in

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Text by Michel Bois

Caine Harris is représente by Galerie Québec Art 27 and 40, Notre-Dame Street, Québec. QC 418-692-8200 

The works of Caine Harris displayed at Galerie Québec Art…

Lucie Michel

Artist Profile 

“A landscape is the backdrop to human life.” – Bernardin de Saint-Pierre

The prestigious imprint of Lucie Michel’s body of work undoubtedly resides in her landscapes. She is able to create a unique universe from skillful alchemies. Her painting straddles the random limits of matter in fusion, hence, this shimmering effect on the spectator’s retina. It also lies in this novel way of viewing nature and its landscapes, prime sources of inspiration for the artist.

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Text by Michel Bois

514 889-8191

The prestigious imprint of Lucie Michel’s body…

Sylvia Audet

The Art of Connecting with Nature

On Exhibit

Painting for the sheer pleasure of it

Artists that can boast of having evolved by following a multifaceted pathway while remaining true to their preferred creative field, are few and far between. Having obtained her postgraduate university degree, Sylvia Audet also taught visual arts while taking part in a myriad of solo and collective art exhibitions. Well-known and recognized by her peers, this artist-painter, residing in the MRC Arthabaska region in Centre-du-Québec, is highly inspired by nature.

“I have always been influenced by the natural environment, and water, in all its forms whether fog, ice, snow or clouds, pervades my paintings. Nature at its purest readily welcomes light, details and contrasts the subtleties of which I never hesitate to explore. The seasons, Mother Nature’s whims and the changing intensities of light always surprise me,” she explains.

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Text by Maxime Rioux

Sylvia Audet’s works are on permanent exhibit at Taillon-Carpe-Diem gallery in Magog.

Her forthcoming exhibition, entitled L’eau, une mine d’art, will be held in the exhibition area of the Lac-Mégantic Sport Centre, from July 8th (Vernissage July 11th) to September 8th 2019.

To view the artist’s paintings and learn more about her artistic process, visit her personal website at

Artists that can boast of having evolved by following…

Suzanne Maillé

Glass Artist

Thumbnail Sketches

With Suzanne Maillé, it’s quite natural to begin a conversation talking about birds. In fact, our interview takes place prior to her delivering one of her lectures on the subject of Ducks in Saint-Jovite, before the members of the Upper Laurentians Ornithology Club. Her passion for birds started in 1976 and she is today able to recognize more than 150 species simply by listening to their song. So, before we start discussing her art, we converse about Pileated Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Barred Owls and other feathered forest dwellers.

Infants, Baltimore Oriole, 135 pieces, 18 x 28 in, 1988

Infants, Baltimore Oriole, 135 pieces, 18 x 28 in, 1988

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Text by Robert Lafontaine

With Suzanne Maillé, it’s quite natural to begin…

The Viatour-Berthiaume duo

Sculpting Words: An Easy Task

Forms, Volume and Space

Artisan sculptors Viatour-Berthiaume impart a new dimension to sculpture. Indeed, Marie-Annick Viatour and Gaétan Berthiaume’s sculptures must not be looked upon simply as objects, but also be viewed in terms of the space they occupy with their movement and of the narrative the duo introduces into their works. Their sculptures are not merely seeking to please, they bear profound meaning. The duo ensures that social interaction is an integral part of their production and of the spectator’s visual experience. Combining beauty, ingenuity and playfulness, the duo’s sculptures tell stories that are at times funny, at times poetic and at other times quite dramatic.

At the end of the 1920s, when American sculptor Alexander Calder created his small circus, he was greatly influenced by the volumes of that universe. His work bears witness to an artistic thinking based on the tension that exists between balance and imbalance. In the same vein as Calder, by finding ways of imparting movement to their sculptures, Viatour-Berthiaume developed a unique artistic approach that incorporates movement to the sculpting gesture. Early in their creations, the two sculptors, Visual Arts graduates from Concordia University, adopted a practice anchored in the tradition of expressive arts and crafts by endorsing ancestral know-how. Simultaneously, the duo articulates the space, the mechanics and the movement of the work and emphasizes with high accuracy the plasticity of the object through a redefined sculptural approach.

Les jumeaux Mosquito, wood, acrylic, metal, 18 x 46 x 14 cm, 2006

Les jumeaux Mosquito, wood, acrylic, metal, 18 x 46 x 14 cm, 2006

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Text by Marie-France Bégis

photo © Gaétan Berthiaume

To learn more about Viatour-Berthiaume’s exhibition venues:

Artisan sculptors Viatour-Berthiaume impart a new dimension…


Caroline Bergeron

Portrait of a gallery

Thriving on life’s energy

We are talking here about a studio gallery located in Stoneham, north of Québec. A unique creative centre for a sole prolific artist whose daily labour is evidenced by the presence of pots of acrylic, paintbrushes, painting knives and canvases, as well as various ongoing experimentations, impastos and further investigations into alternative mediums. This adjoining a magnificent gallery area displaying a vibrant collection of completed works. In short, an overall conducive environment for exciting rendezvous with astute collectors.


ARO is the acronym Caroline Bergeron uses to sign her paintings. A genuine driving force, a bundle of energy in the field of business as well as in art; let’s just say the apple did not fall far from the tree. The painter is in fact the daughter of a ceramist mother who had a storefront boutique in Québec’s Petit-Champlain district and of a father who was a prosperous restaurateur with establishments near the Château Frontenac. Thus predestined, at thirteen years old Caroline starts working in restauration during the summer season and in her mother’s boutique during the winter. At nineteen, she begins a career as representative in the food sector for the Campbell Soup Company. Being competent and knowledgeable, she rapidly rises through the ranks and soon advances to the prestigious position of Business Development Director for Québec. All the while, she pursues her studies in marketing and management at Montréal’s HEC (Higher Commercial Studies).

Origine, 30 x 30 in

Origine, 30 x 30 in

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Text by Michel Bois

Galerie d’art : 2682, boul. Talbot, Stoneham, Québec

By appointment: 418 657-0120

We are talking here about a studio gallery…

À marée basse

A Tale of Three Girls and a Coastline

Magdalen Islands

À marée basse is primarily an art gallery, a unique cultural immersion experience, three artists impassioned with natural history and knowledge of the maritime and insular territory of the Magdalen Islands and united through their creativity. À marée basse is an innovative business concept which favours marketing derived products from the artists’ creations to reach a wider audience and increase their dissemination. À marée basse is the coming together of a painter, a photographer and an illustrator.

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Text by Marie-France Bégis

To know more about the 2019 events and overall program:

À marée basse is primarily an art gallery…


At the National Gallery of Canada, see the world’s first-ever exhibition devoted to Paul Gauguin’s portraiture. Through imaginative self-portraits, as well as his unconventional depictions of friends, family, and women in France and Polynesia, the exhibition showcases Gauguin’s extraordinary creativity in the field of portraiture. Featuring paintings, works on paper and sculptures, Gauguin: Portraits brings together a unique and unforgettable selection of works from public and private collections around the world. Until September 8, 2019.

The National Gallery of Canada also presents Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath. Explore the compelling work of one of the finest street photographers of his generation. Whether picking out a single face in a crowd or framing close-up portraits of quiet despair, Dave Heath (1931–2016) had an instinctive ability to capture the soul behind the public persona. Exploring Heath’s artistic trajectory from teenage prodigy to influential photographer, Multitude, Solitude celebrates work that reflects the loneliness and alienation of modern life. Until September 2, 2019.

Explore the emergence of the cult of Nietzsche through an iconic sculpture by Max Klinger, which is part of the National Gallery of Canada collection. The exhibition Masterpiece in Focus. Friedrich Nietzsche and the Artists of the New Weimar explores the impact of one of the most influential thinkers of his time on the artistic and cultural world of Weimar Germany in the late 19th century. The bronze sculpture of the celebrated philosopher by Max Klinger is the central work in this new exhibition which also features a variety of works from other artists. Until August 25, 2019.


Summer 2019

At the National Gallery of Canada, see…


The works of artist Lisette Lacombe-Gill will be exhibited in the library of the Maison du Citoyen, 25 Laurier Street in Gatineau Hull, from July 28 to September 6, 2019. Opening hours are: Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Friday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Summer 2019

The works of artist Lisette Lacombe-Gill will be…


The Baie-Saint-Paul Museum of Contemporary Art is holding an exhibition entitled Le mur des rapaces, volet 3, from artist René Derouin. In this exhibition, Derouin revisits his continent and takes a fresh look at the world that surrounds him. The exhibition introduces a contemporary issue and denounces our overconsuming society. The key component of the exhibition, Le mur de rapaces, created in 2017, stretches over almost 11 metres and focuses on four main subjects: the train, raptors, migration and the wall. Until November 3, 2019.

Also under way at the BSPMC, Quand la lumière s’éteint elle revient en noir exhibits the works of Jacques Hurtubise created between 1962 and 1986, which demonstrate how much Hurtubise’s style transformed itself over three decades without ever losing its vigour. Until November 3, 2019.

The city of Baie-Saint-Paul will, again this year, be stormed by artists participating in the 37th Contemporary Art International Symposium, under the theme of Art, Architecture, Landscape & Environment. Artists will welcome visitors to their workshops, where they will be able to witness a variety of artistic practices, illustrating various facets of contemporary art. Thanks to a rich and varied program, which proposes conferences, films and closing performance, visitors will each day be able to live a unique experience. From July 26 to August 25, 2019. The complete Symposium program, including participating artists, is available on


Summer 2019

The Baie-Saint-Paul Museum of Contemporary Art is…


The Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Cultural Association is organizing the FAITES DE L’ART arts festival, to be held  on Saturday, July 13, 2019, from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm. The festival offers the opportunity to bring together visual artists from all horizons to create works in the city’s parks and gardens. The artworks created during the day will then be exhibited in City Hall starting at 4:00 pm. Art steps down into the street and becomes accessible to all! FAITES DE L’ART is a visual arts festival (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture) opened to the population of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and to amateur and professional artists of the greater Québec City region. Artists are invited to create a personal work of art somewhere on City territory, to be completed in one day. For more information:


Summer 2019

The Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Cultural Association is…


Chez Alfred Pellan gallery of Limoilou celebrated its third anniversary with the inauguration of a new artistic event: Alfred’s Rendezvous. These monthly get-togethers will be held on the 3rd Thursday of each month, fostering encounters and exchanges between artists and a public of all ages and backgrounds, which it is hoped will be memorable. Everyone is welcome. The Chez Alfred-Pellan art gallery, operated by the neighbourhood Artistic Cooperative, is located at 581, 3rd Avenue, in the borough of La Cité-Limoilou. It opened its doors on May 1st, 2016, in the very premises where internationally renowned artist Alfred Pellan discovered his passion for painting in the early 20th century. The group hopes that from these premises a number of other major talents will emerge. The location exhibits the works of both emerging and well-established visual artists.


Summer 2019

Chez Alfred Pellan gallery of Limoilou celebrated…


Maison et jardins Antoine-Lacombe is holding an exhibition entitled Métamorphose Mythologie-Cariatides de Ljubomir Ivankovic. Ljubomir Ivankovic comes from the tradition of European schools of Fine-Arts, hence his mastery of all plastic arts disciplines. Spanning forty-five years, his career has evolved in step with his artistic expression. He mostly choses to paint with oil. Inspired by everyday life, he paints the human body, portraits, landscapes and still life. With poetry and sensibility, the artist transforms reality in art with rigour and estheticism. In Métamorphose Mythologie-Cariatides, Ljubomir Ivankovic presents his highly colourful and moving interpretation of the caryatids, female figures of Greek architecture that have spanned through eras and artistic styles. Until June 23, 2019.


Summer 2019

Maison et jardins Antoine-Lacombe is holding an exhibition…


The Bruck Museum presents PHOTO-SENSIBILITÉS, an exhibition grouping the works and installations of multidisciplinary artist Mariève Pelletier. The artist proposes here a series of works inspired by her research in the field of photography as well as her fascination with textiles. Her body of work raises questions surrounding the plastic functions of the photographic medium and its duality with painting. The importance of textile as part of her practice is evidenced through her photographs, her paintings and her embroideries. While stemming from scientific research, her production remains anchored in assumed femininity and an attraction towards kitsch glamour. Until July 16, 2019.


Summer 2019

The Bruck Museum presents…


The Saint-Faustin House of Arts welcomes artists’ participation in the 23rd Edition of their Annual Contest which will be held from August 24 to October 19, 2019, under the theme of State of mind. The contest is opened to all visual artists who can submit an original work in one, two or three of the following categories: Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolour, mixed techniques, drawing) – Digital Art (photography, painting, printing) and photography – Sculpture (bas-relief, high relief, rondebosse, glass). Artists’ portfolios must be submitted before July 19, 2019. For more details concerning required information, conditions to be respected and registration form:


Summer 2019

The Saint-Faustin House of Arts welcomes…


Following its tremendous success in Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the exhibition Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives will continue its world tour at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, making its North American premiere. The British Museum production reconstructs the lives of six individuals who lived along the Nile from about 900 BC to AD 180. Using an innovative approach combining art and cutting- edge technology, it paints a picture of who these people were. The Montreal presentation of Egyptian Mummies will reveal the many facets of these diverse individuals: a young man, two priestess singers, a priest, a little boy and a homemaker. Together with 3D digital images, interactive visual display units and more than 200 items from the British Museum’s renowned Egyptian collection, these encounters will offer a unique view of the way in which people lived and died in this period of history. September 14, 2019 to February 2, 2020.

At the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) – Facing the Monumental from Canadian artist Rebecca Belmore is the largest exhibition of her work to date and a major overview of the past 30 years. The rich body of work presented will include sculptures, installations, photography and videos, some of which are based on performances. One of Canada’s most celebrated and important contemporary artists, with boundless beauty, sensitivity and resilience, her work explores our problematic relationships with territory, women’s lives, historic events and ongoing violence against Indigenous peoples.  June 20 to October 6, 2019.

MAC collection : Nadia Myre, Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau – In keeping with Rebecca Belmore’s exhibition, the MAC will present works from its collection and new acquisitions, including pieces by Nadia Myre, that express something profoundly human as they tackle topics of desire, loss, resilience and knowledge. Based on themes such as Indigenous identity, Meditations on Red, is a series of photographs depicting meticulous beadwork. The theme of performativity can be seen through a completely different lens in the work of Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau. Two installations: one a sculpture, The Face Stayed East The Mouth Went West, and the other a video installation, What Do Stones Smell Like in the Forest? will be positioned in mutual dialogue. Until August 4, 2019.

Focusing on the theme The Life of Things, the MAC and MOMENTA | Biennale de l’image unite to present Children’s Games, 1999-2018, by Francis Alÿs. The Children’s Games series is a collection of scenes of children at play around the world. Ongoing since 1999 and now comprising nearly twenty videos, this inventory of childhood activities shows how children turn simple, ordinary things – chairs, coins, sand, stones, plastic bottles – into the foundation of unlikely and fantastical universes.  From September 4, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

The McCord museum invites the public on the Haida Gwaii Islands, off the northwest coast of Canada, with its last exhibition entitled Sding K’awXangs – Haida: Supernatural Stories. The exhibition, featuring a remarkable selection of rare historical Haida art objects from the Museum’s collections, reveals a slice of this people’s rich heritage. The Haida created a world of exceptional artistic expression, a world that enabled them to leave their mark on history, despite their virtual disappearance in the late 19th  century. Most of the magnificent objects were collected by George Mercer Dawson, a Montrealer by adoption. The exhibition also features works by contemporary Haida artists. The exhibition sheds light on the different facets of the Haida culture, including the language of their art, the potlatch and spirituality, in parallel with the supernatural stories that inhabit and animate the objects. Until October 27, 2019.


Summer 2019

Following its tremendous success in Australia…

A tribute to Gérard Bélanger

(1936 – 2019)

The sad news surprised and shocked us all. Gérard Bélanger has passed away. We might have expected it would happen, considering he was 83 years old. But he was so energetic, we almost thought him to be eternal. He had the unique ability to garner energy from life itself. We should note that the sculptor was a pioneer in the field of art foundry in Québec. He created the Art Foundry of Inverness at a time when local sculptors needed to go to Ontario or to the United States to realize their works. Of Gérard Bélanger’s own body of work, we will remember a profound sense of beauty that challenged tensions and thrusts towards equilibrium of vibrant characters carved as if they were diamonds from the depths. We already miss his expertise, his generosity, his enthusiasm, and his dynamism. Thank you for everything, Master Bélanger!

La mère et l’enfant, 6/8 15 x 11 po

La mère et l’enfant, 6/8 15 x 11 po

With special thanks to Galerie Richelieu, 7903 St. Denis St., Montréal, Qc. (514) 381-2247, for graciously providing images of Gérard Bélanger’s creations, an artist they represent.

The sad news surprised and shocked us all…