Spring 2020

Andréa Marquis, Taureau

Artworks and Income Tax

At this inescapable period of income tax returns for Québec and Canadian citizens, Magazin’Art seizes the opportunity to bring up and underline certain regulations pertaining to the financial impact on the sale of collectible paintings, donations, bequeaths, as well as the tax relief applicable when works of art are acquired by companies. Too many ill-advised urban legends are circulating; many improvised ‘experts’ in the field proceeding in the dark without taking into account costs that may subsequently be engendered. Should some of the provisions of the law seem problematic to you, please do not shoot the messenger. Here are some concrete illustrations. Is income tax applicable when you sell a painting from your collection? Only if its value is over $1,000. If so, it is considered a gain and is added to your income, hence is subject to your marginal tax rate.

You donate to a museum or a recognized public body and would like to deduct the total donation amount on your income tax declaration… Impossible, unfortunately. It should first be noted that the value of the work of art (drawing, engraving, photograph, painting, sculpture, etc.) cannot exceed $200. If such is the case, the Federal rate of amortization is 20% of the value if the work is from a Canadian artist, and 331/3% per Québec’s Ministry of Revenue. Is everything clear and understood so far? Let’s continue. Upon his father’s passing, Dominique inherited his dad’s prestigious collection of quoted works of art. Since the artworks are listed in the testament, the succession had to pay the deceased’s income tax. Dominique is quite happy with this inheritance. Especially since he will not have to pay tax on it himself. He is the heir. Then, when faced with some difficult times, he considers selling the artworks he inherited. A good idea… but, surprise, the revenues from these sales are considered as capital gains since the artworks are valued over $1,000 thus are taxable! As the saying goes: forewarned is forearmed! In closing, an altruistic and consequential wish for the world of visual arts: that companies take better advantage of the amortization applicable to the purchase of works of art. A regulation carefully concocted by the government to equally favour all people implicated in the sphere of visual arts, from the artist to the agent to the gallery owner. Here’s how: the company will be entitled to claim a yearly percentage of depreciation up to the total value of the price paid to acquire the work. Should the company then decide to sell the artwork, it will realize either a capital gain or loss. 50% of this gain will then be taxable for this company. Charming and tortuous meander of taxation… to your calculators, entrepreneurs, gallery owners, citizens and artists!!! Should these writings seem hurtful to you in any way, please contact your tax accountant.

In this spring edition: a Great Encounter with Guy Paquet, this wonderful painter daydreaming in the infinity of the heavens; the inception of a new Québec art gallery; and all there is to know about AVQ, a new visual artists association. Good reading.

Michel Bois



At this inescapable period of income tax returns for Québec and Canadian citizens…

On our cover page

On our cover page: a meaningful image from Guy Paquet, as an invitation to glide across a multitude of artistic expressions. To that end: painters Paquet and Haguier; the innovative ceramics of Lise-B-Goulet; a new artists association and a new gallery. This and much more, in this issue of Magazin’Art, to inspire artists and collectors to take flight. Good reading!

Michel Bois



On our cover page: a meaningful image from Guy Paquet…

Great Encounter

Guy Paquet – Weightlessness, Levitation and other Subtle Pleasures

Guy Paquet’s great power resides in his ability to invite us to contemplate a universe similar to ours, but displays dreamlike weightlessness by resorting to subtle and ingenious contradictions. Everything is dreamlike in Paquet’s world. He paints very real things but presents them in such a way as to create an impression resembling an illusion. A timeless incursion, this “Great Encounter” uplifts our heart and spirit!


Remonter lentement, 16 x 24 po

Les rouges ont perdu, 30 x 30 po

Le cauchemar du gardien de phare, 48 x 36 in

Hommage à Jean Leloup, 30 x 30 in


“I make sure, as much as possible, to only paint works that evoke mystery with the precision and the enchantment necessary to a life of emotions and ideas.” – Magritte


A painting that denounces


Among the works exhibited, one is as large as a garage door. Filled with pragmatic cynicism, we see Inuits sitting down on tires around a fire, roasting marshmallows at the end of fishing rods. “There are no more fish to fish for these people. The garage door symbolizes a space where are gathered all types of pollutants: lawnmower, motorcycle, car, chainsaw, gasoline, tires, tractor and tutti quanti! Nature has become one large garage. Everyone roams around in nature and leaves things they don’t wish to take back home. Many mine workers never bring back their polluting equipment. This is what we leave in First Nations’ territories. Hence this highly brazen image,” he concludes.


Guy Paquet is with Galerie d’art Iris, since forever…

Three addresses in Charlevoix:

– 30 Rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

– 53 Rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

– Hôtel & Spa Le Germain Charlevoix

50 Rue de La Ferme, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

418 435-5768



Guy Paquet’s great power resides in his ability…

Contemporary Realism

François Haguier – Internal Landscapes

An artist with diverse inspirations, François Haguier allies technology and traditional techniques to create a universe in three styles, each with a distinct visual signature. Previously, light was added to his works using a tube of titanium white; henceforth light is revealed through scraping. Brilliant!


François Haguier dans sa galerie.

Sur la baie, acrylique sur panneau de bois, 20 x 20 po

Tamise, acrylique sur panneau de bois, 24 x 24 po


Represented by:

Galerie Courtemanche (Magog)

Galerie 806 (Tremblant)

Galerie Arts Versus (Sherbrooke)



An artist with diverse inspirations, François Haguier…

To Rediscover

Jean-Guy Desrosiers – A Soulful Adventure

With his exemplary determination and successful artistic path, 86 years old painter, Jean-Guy Desrosiers, deserves our full admiration. The artist is convinced that a good painting must first and foremost convey an emotion. A task he undertakes daily, even at his age!

“Would a bird build its nest if it did not have its instinct for confidence in the world?” – Gaston Bachelard


Route d’arrière pays, l’automne, huile sur toile, 20 x 24 po

Table mise rouge, huile sur toile, 36 x 24 po

L’étang glacé, huile sur Masonite, 24 x 30 po


The landscape painter

Should you be the proud owner of one of Desrosiers’ paintings, it necessarily falls into one of the following five categories: bucolic back country-sides, scenes of historic Québec City, still lifes, marines or abstracts. Desrosiers is in fact renowned for his incomparable depictions of the National Capital and of other regions of the province, notably Charlevoix. Jean-Guy Desrosiers is an extremely gracious, amiable and fraternal man. We can surmise that his canvases, filled with soft and filtered lights, are meant to illustrate enchanting encounters of soul and heart. Painting is as essential to him as breathing. Like movements of tides, allowing him to see and express himself. He will keep-on working on a painting as long as the whole refuses to dispense his particular painter’s “truth”.


Jean-Guy Desrosiers is represented by:

Galerie Douce-Passion, 42 Rue Notre-Dame, Québec, QC

Galerie Archambault, 1303 Rue Notre-Dame, Lavaltrie, QC

Galerie 2000, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC



With his exemplary determination and successful artistic…

On Exhibit

Martha Markowsky – Creation is Everything

A lover of music, Martha attends numerous classical concerts where she gleans images to paint. Hence, during one of these symphonic evenings, the flamboyant red hair of a violin player catches her eye and instantly engenders the vision of a scene she could paint, which she immediately starts sketching directly on the concert programme. For this artist, drawing and painting are like a second nature through which she expresses herself and depicts life. To read and discover!


Birthday Celebration, huile sur toile, 36 x 24 po

After the Snowfall, acrylique sur toile, 18 x 24 po

Musical Direction, huile sur toile, 16 x 20 po



A lover of music, Martha attends numerous classical concerts…

Gallery Portrait

Galerie Yvon Desgagné

Baie-Saint-Paul would not have become the “artistic rendezvous” it is today were it not for Yvon Desgagnés and Gilles Brown (Galerie Clarence-Gagnon), the first two gallery owners to settle in the village. Yvon Desgagnés (1934-2014) has reigned atop the art market of Québécois landscape artists and contemporary art of the great masters for over thirty years. With confidence, his daughters Liette and Chantal will consolidate the gallery’s future activities. Authenticity, conviviality, professional know-how and artworks of the highest quality… Awaiting the pleasure of seeing you there!


Françoise et Yvon Desgagnés

Horace Champagne, The 200 Years Old Barn, pastels à l’huile, 8 x 11 po


Enormously talented artists

The gallery was able to represent – and still does today – a plethora of artists, many of whom have unfortunately passed-away since. René Richard, Albert Rousseau, Alban Bluteau, Mo Harvey, John Little, Riopelle, Bruno Côté, Roger Cantin, to name but a few. One particular exhilarating souvenir, and hard to imagine today: the resounding success of painter Claude LeSauteur’s vernissage. People slept outside the gallery door and ensured their spot with numbers, per the first arrived first served principal. WOW!


Galerie Yvon Desgagnés

1, rue Forget, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

418 435-3429



Baie-Saint-Paul would not have become the “artistic rendezvous”…

Forms, Volume and Space

The Convergence of Matter and Mystery

These vessels are inhabited with life; they invoke a celebration of life. It’s as if Lise Goulet communicated with a sacred dimension. Each of her creations reflects a privileged encounter with nature. Graphic interventions translate their natural and primitive forces. Lise Goulet is highly aware that what is essential is not the shapes that we see, but that which we feel. A must!

“The hands are the accomplices of clay. They model the shape of emotions.” – Billy King


Puit des profondeurs, Raku, 1996

Connivence, Raku, c.1998-2002


For more information concerning the Bérini foundation:

C/O Lise Goulet, President, 211 St-Patrick Street, suite 701, Toronto, ON

416 596-9696 –

To contact Lise Goulet:

Lise Goulet, Bravo Art site, or



These vessels are inhabited with life; they invoke a celebration…

A New Gallery

L’Esprit Créatif

At 23 years of age, Amélie Anne Gagné seems to possess nothing but a great number of qualities: an entrepreneurial spirit, a sharp knowledge of the Québec artistic milieu, an established network, a strategically situated venue, an ease of communication and a diploma in Visual Arts from Laval University. Daughter of painter Nathalie Chiasson, she has long benefited from a knowledge of the world of visual arts. Her passion led her to open her own gallery. Having collaborated to the positioning of her mother’s works on the American market, she is dedicated to highlighting in the best possible way the works of the artists she represents. To be discovered!


Amélie Anne Gagné, propriétaire et artiste de la galerie

A newcomer in Québec City

Located at 79 Sault-au-Matelot Street in Québec city, L’ESPRIT CRÉATIF art gallery opened its doors on December 6th last. Its opening benefited from exceptional press coverage, which we partly attribute to the gallery owner’s young age. Amélie Anne Gagné, 23 years old, seems to possess nothing but a great number of qualities: an entrepreneurial spirit, a sharp knowledge of the milieu, an awareness of artists evolving within the gallery world, an established connections network, a strategically situated venue, an ease of communication and a diploma in Visual Arts from Laval University. We should also mention that she fell into the pot when she was little, as she followed the career of her mother, painter Nathalie Chiasson. Amélie Anne Gagné has acquired knowledge of the world of galleries and its artists having from a young age been present at numerous artistic events tied to her mother’s career. She quickly developed a passion for visual arts and she even collaborated, during her studies, to the positioning of her mother’s works on the American market. Her mother, in fact, is an integral part of the adventure. In order to contribute to the launch and visibility of the gallery, she interrupted a longstanding collaboration with another Québec gallery to accompany her daughter in setting-up L’ESPRIT CRÉATIF.

On the pictorial plane, works from artists Lise Racine, Andréa Marquis, Humberto Pinochet, Suzanne Béland, Clo, Nathalie Chiasson et celles d’une certaine Amélie Anne Gagné.


L’Esprit Créatif

79, rue du Sault-du-Matelot, Vieux-Québec, QC

418 914-0822



At 23 years of age, Amélie Anne Gagné seems to possess nothing…

A New Association

Artistes visuels du Québec

Promote visibility for artists’ creations, offer accompanying resources as well as training and information tools, create public events, stimulate the art market, favour exchanges with peers and the public, establish a code of ethics to protect their rights, such is the mission of this new artists association that already has more than 19,000 members. To learn more…


The mission The group’s mission is supported by the volunteer work of 15 art loving individuals who believe in the “cause”. The world of visual arts will always fascinate me for its readiness to take action. As it happens, in 2020, it appears necessary for an artist to be able to conjugate a number of determining elements. Talent, inevitably, timely synchronization with dominating trends and movements, establishing contacts with peers and gallery owners, being able to present a polished easy-to-read résumé, build an eloquent website, participate in workshops to further technical know-how, understand concepts of copyright and government policies; all of which contributes to the emergence of a true creator, explain the co-founders of AVQ.


Sophie Lambert, La traversée, Mixte media, 18 x 30 po

Christophe Ségard, Sensualité Acrylique sur toile, 30 x 40 po

Ingrid Boucher, Contemplation Aquarelle sur papier, 18 x 24 po


For more information:

On Facebook: Artistes visuels Québec

514 678-8919

24 hours of Contemporary Art, 2020 edition, May 30 and 31, 2020,

École d’art numérique, 1501 Bleury Street, Montréal, 6th floor


Promote visibility for artists’ creations, offer accompanying…