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Galerie Yvon Desgagné

Baie-Saint-Paul would not have become the “artistic rendezvous” it is today were it not for Yvon Desgagnés and Gilles Brown (Galerie Clarence-Gagnon), the first two gallery owners to settle in the village. Yvon Desgagnés (1934-2014) has reigned atop the art market of Québécois landscape artists and contemporary art of the great masters for over thirty years. With confidence, his daughters Liette and Chantal will consolidate the gallery’s future activities. Authenticity, conviviality, professional know-how and artworks of the highest quality… Awaiting the pleasure of seeing you there!


Françoise et Yvon Desgagnés

Horace Champagne, The 200 Years Old Barn, pastels à l’huile, 8 x 11 po


Enormously talented artists

The gallery was able to represent – and still does today – a plethora of artists, many of whom have unfortunately passed-away since. René Richard, Albert Rousseau, Alban Bluteau, Mo Harvey, John Little, Riopelle, Bruno Côté, Roger Cantin, to name but a few. One particular exhilarating souvenir, and hard to imagine today: the resounding success of painter Claude LeSauteur’s vernissage. People slept outside the gallery door and ensured their spot with numbers, per the first arrived first served principal. WOW!


Galerie Yvon Desgagnés

1, rue Forget, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

418 435-3429



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