Great Encounter

Guy Paquet – Weightlessness, Levitation and other Subtle Pleasures

Guy Paquet’s great power resides in his ability to invite us to contemplate a universe similar to ours, but displays dreamlike weightlessness by resorting to subtle and ingenious contradictions. Everything is dreamlike in Paquet’s world. He paints very real things but presents them in such a way as to create an impression resembling an illusion. A timeless incursion, this “Great Encounter” uplifts our heart and spirit!


Remonter lentement, 16 x 24 po

Les rouges ont perdu, 30 x 30 po

Le cauchemar du gardien de phare, 48 x 36 in

Hommage à Jean Leloup, 30 x 30 in


“I make sure, as much as possible, to only paint works that evoke mystery with the precision and the enchantment necessary to a life of emotions and ideas.” – Magritte


A painting that denounces


Among the works exhibited, one is as large as a garage door. Filled with pragmatic cynicism, we see Inuits sitting down on tires around a fire, roasting marshmallows at the end of fishing rods. “There are no more fish to fish for these people. The garage door symbolizes a space where are gathered all types of pollutants: lawnmower, motorcycle, car, chainsaw, gasoline, tires, tractor and tutti quanti! Nature has become one large garage. Everyone roams around in nature and leaves things they don’t wish to take back home. Many mine workers never bring back their polluting equipment. This is what we leave in First Nations’ territories. Hence this highly brazen image,” he concludes.


Guy Paquet is with Galerie d’art Iris, since forever…

Three addresses in Charlevoix:

– 30 Rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

– 53 Rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

– Hôtel & Spa Le Germain Charlevoix

50 Rue de La Ferme, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC

418 435-5768



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