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Jean-Guy Desrosiers – A Soulful Adventure

With his exemplary determination and successful artistic path, 86 years old painter, Jean-Guy Desrosiers, deserves our full admiration. The artist is convinced that a good painting must first and foremost convey an emotion. A task he undertakes daily, even at his age!

“Would a bird build its nest if it did not have its instinct for confidence in the world?” – Gaston Bachelard


Route d’arrière pays, l’automne, huile sur toile, 20 x 24 po

Table mise rouge, huile sur toile, 36 x 24 po

L’étang glacé, huile sur Masonite, 24 x 30 po


The landscape painter

Should you be the proud owner of one of Desrosiers’ paintings, it necessarily falls into one of the following five categories: bucolic back country-sides, scenes of historic Québec City, still lifes, marines or abstracts. Desrosiers is in fact renowned for his incomparable depictions of the National Capital and of other regions of the province, notably Charlevoix. Jean-Guy Desrosiers is an extremely gracious, amiable and fraternal man. We can surmise that his canvases, filled with soft and filtered lights, are meant to illustrate enchanting encounters of soul and heart. Painting is as essential to him as breathing. Like movements of tides, allowing him to see and express himself. He will keep-on working on a painting as long as the whole refuses to dispense his particular painter’s “truth”.


Jean-Guy Desrosiers is represented by:

Galerie Douce-Passion, 42 Rue Notre-Dame, Québec, QC

Galerie Archambault, 1303 Rue Notre-Dame, Lavaltrie, QC

Galerie 2000, 1001 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montréal, QC



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