Normand Boisvert

Painting to Live and Living to Paint. 50 Years of Impassioned Creation!

Great Encounter

Meeting painter Normand Boisvert and visiting his studio is an experience that undeniably changes a person given how striking, magical and colourful is his body of work and how warm, passionate and human is the artist. The workshop, vibrant with poetry that defies any limitation of freedom and joie de vivre, welcomes you as spectator to the atmospheric enchantment created by the images.

Indeed, Normand Boisvert’s work gives access to a succulent universe that reverberates a bygone era of joie de vivre. The highly imaginative landscape artist mixes reality and poetry to structure dazzling compositions that catch the eye at first glance. For 50 years, the artist has endeavoured, dedicated himself even, to depict the beauty of Québec’s nature and its human imprint.

Normand Boisvert

Normand Boisvert

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Text by Michel Bois

The artist is represented by: Galerie Douce Passion, Québec – Galerie d’art Iris, Baie-Saint-Paul – Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary – Dimension Plus, Montréal – Westmount Gallery, Toronto – State of the art Gallery, Toronto – Ryan fine art Gallery, Ontario

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