Forms, Volume and Space

The Convergence of Matter and Mystery

These vessels are inhabited with life; they invoke a celebration of life. It’s as if Lise Goulet communicated with a sacred dimension. Each of her creations reflects a privileged encounter with nature. Graphic interventions translate their natural and primitive forces. Lise Goulet is highly aware that what is essential is not the shapes that we see, but that which we feel. A must!

“The hands are the accomplices of clay. They model the shape of emotions.” – Billy King


Puit des profondeurs, Raku, 1996

Connivence, Raku, c.1998-2002


For more information concerning the Bérini foundation:

C/O Lise Goulet, President, 211 St-Patrick Street, suite 701, Toronto, ON

416 596-9696 –

To contact Lise Goulet:

Lise Goulet, Bravo Art site, or



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