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Caroline Bergeron

Portrait of a gallery

Thriving on life’s energy

We are talking here about a studio gallery located in Stoneham, north of Québec. A unique creative centre for a sole prolific artist whose daily labour is evidenced by the presence of pots of acrylic, paintbrushes, painting knives and canvases, as well as various ongoing experimentations, impastos and further investigations into alternative mediums. This adjoining a magnificent gallery area displaying a vibrant collection of completed works. In short, an overall conducive environment for exciting rendezvous with astute collectors.


ARO is the acronym Caroline Bergeron uses to sign her paintings. A genuine driving force, a bundle of energy in the field of business as well as in art; let’s just say the apple did not fall far from the tree. The painter is in fact the daughter of a ceramist mother who had a storefront boutique in Québec’s Petit-Champlain district and of a father who was a prosperous restaurateur with establishments near the Château Frontenac. Thus predestined, at thirteen years old Caroline starts working in restauration during the summer season and in her mother’s boutique during the winter. At nineteen, she begins a career as representative in the food sector for the Campbell Soup Company. Being competent and knowledgeable, she rapidly rises through the ranks and soon advances to the prestigious position of Business Development Director for Québec. All the while, she pursues her studies in marketing and management at Montréal’s HEC (Higher Commercial Studies).

Origine, 30 x 30 in

Origine, 30 x 30 in

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Text by Michel Bois

Galerie d’art : 2682, boul. Talbot, Stoneham, Québec

By appointment: 418 657-0120

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