Rest area - Photo : Sophie Thibault

Sandra Veillette

Breath of the Forest

Forms, Volume and Space

Akin to precious jewelry cases, Sandra Veillette’s delicate art preserves the ephemeral beauty of nature. Collected with emotion and delicately assembled, these unique organic works of art are mounted on magnets so they may be displayed in an original and modular fashion.

Since early childhood in Abitibi, Sandra Veillette has been acquainted with the striking immensity of nature. Nature as it is featured on postcards from Canada: its forest, its skies, its fauna. Raised by her grandparents, she accompanies her nature-loving grandfather on fishing trips and goes snowmobiling under a full moon. In silence and idleness she becomes very observant and soon starts collecting stones and dried flower buds. At eleven years of age she moves to Montréal and enters boarding school. Under the nuns’ guidance, she practices diverse forms of applied art such as pottery, enamel and charcoal. She is quite adept at drawing and briefly considers entering the field of fashion design.

Petit plaisir - Photo : Sophie Thibault

Petit plaisir – Photo : Sophie Thibault

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Text by Isabelle Gauthier

Represented by:
Galerie Québec Art (exclusive for Québec)
Balcon d’Art, Saint-Lambert
Musée Colby-Curtis, Stanstead

Akin to precious jewelry cases, Sandra Veillette’s delicate art…