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The Nation Builders

This 2018-2019 Winter issue of the magazine marks the end of this formidable series of articles on Canada’s pioneers and builders of the country, past and present. In concert with Galerie Q and their selected artists, we were able to portray those political figures who helped built this country in retracing their paths scattered with pitfalls, deceptions, setbacks, but mostly filled with overwhelming successes. We must also acknowledge the high quality of creation of the artists who participated in the project with great sensitivity. They are: Juan Cristobal, Masoud Habibyan, Ginet LeBlond, Olga Myzychko and Susan Statham.

Jean Chrétien (1993-2003)

Jean Chrétien

Jean Chrétien

Jean Chrétien was the 20th Prime Minister of Canada. He pursued a number of significant initiatives throughout the years and had a very positive impact on the country’s economy. This very reform was in fact what made him enter the race to become Prime Minister. The federal debt, high taxes and annual deficit were alarming the country. In 1998, after 30 years of deficit, Canada under his direction finally enjoys a surplus. To achieve this result he cut back on federal programs and transfer payments to provinces and territories. These measures had repercussions on social programs such as public health, which resulted in surpluses and thus reduced the national debt.

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This 2018-2019 Winter issue of the magazine marks…

The Nation Builders

The Galerie Q series of articles on the pioneers and builders of Canada continues with. portraits of four Prime Ministers, summarizing their paths, their challenges   and their accomplishments.  A profile of artist Masoud Habibyan, of Galerie Q’s   Nation Builders Portrait Series, is included.


John G. Diefenbaker (1957-1963)

John G. Diefenbaker

John G. Diefenbaker

John G. Diefenbaker was the 13th Prime Minister of Canada. During the eleven years he was Prime Minister, the country suffered an economic downturn. With the needs of the Canadian people in mind, he concentrated his efforts on the development of the Northern Territories, the revitalisation of the social welfare system, and the expansion of western agricultural reform. He improved trade with China and facilitated the sale of wheat. He granted the Indigenous Peoples of Canada the vote, was the first to appoint an Indigenous senator and the first to appoint a female cabinet minister. His termination of the Avro Arrow is still thought to be an unpopular decision. His most significant achievement was the Canadian Bill of Rights. It entrenches the individual freedoms of each Canadian.

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Text by Valerie Kent

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The Galerie Q series of articles on the pioneers…

Galerie Q Prime Sponsor

for the New Brock Mission Shelter



In September 2017, the old Peterborough Brock Mission Shelter was torn down and demolished to make way for a new, bigger, brighter, three-storey shelter that will provide semi-independent living for 40 men in need, and create two separate housing spaces, one for Harm Reduction Strategies and the other for Addiction Treatment.

The Men’s Brock Mission Shelter closed last year because conditions were unsafe and relocated their program to a temporary venue at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Peterborough, Ontario. There is a need to raise 8 million dollars to build a new facility and Brock Mission has committed to raise one million dollars. MP Leslie Parnell, the current ward councillor of Otonabee, was given the challenge of raising the money, acutely aware how much the new facility for the Brock Mission was needed. The fundraising was launched at the Galerie Q venue. At this event, Councillor Leslie Parnell announced that Galerie Q was the prime sponsor of this fundraising initiative.

A wonderful and significant painting by Yvon Lemieux, “The Card Game” (La partie de cartes) was donated by Galerie Q to jumpstart the fundraising. The donated painting is a back yard scene set in Beauport, Québec. On a bright sunny afternoon, friends are sitting around a table playing cards while laundry hangs on a chord and children are playing outside. A pleasant and wonderful day is depicted, an image stemming from Yvon’s childhood memories. It reflects the way the Peterborough community draws together as a family to give help to the people that need it.

Ticket sales for the painting alone raised $16,000 and the Brock Mission Building Fund raised over $30,000, for a total so far of over $46,000. Galerie Q also provided a major billboard at a prime, high-traffic area as a visual reminder for people to donate and draw attention to the importance of this campaign for the Brock Mission. It was very successful and resulted in important donations to help the fund grow.

Galerie Q, 1521 County Road 10, Cavan, ON,   L0A 1C0, 705-944-888


Fall 2018

In September 2017, the old Peterborough…

The Nation Builders

We are introducing a new series of articles on the pioneers and builders of Canada, past and present. In this spring issue and in subsequent ones, you will find portraits of political figures who have built this country. Their paths were strewn with obstacles, deceptions, and setbacks, but also and mostly with overwhelming successes.


Mr. Farsad Kiani is the architect of the project and creator of this series featuring the “Builders of the Nation”. He is also the owner of the prestigious Galery Q in Cavan, Ontario. Having long admired the accomplishments of leading figures in Canadian history and not willing to leave untold their remarkable contributions, his project strives to highlight the importance of their respective personal journeys, meshed with the country’s official history.

Susan Statham, John A. MacDonald, oil on canvas 36 x 30 in

Susan Statham, John A. MacDonald, oil on canvas 36 x 30 in


Mr. Kiani felt that these documented historical facts warranted to be presented to the public at large, and this, in their factual, visual and artistic facets. The “Builders of the Nation ” exhibition brings together renowned artists who have, for many years, worked earnestly on this project. They are: Juan Cristobal, Masoud Habibyan, Ginet LeBlond, Olga Muzychko and Susan Statham.

Mr. Farsad Kiani and Gallery Q asked the artists to paint portraits of preselected Prime Ministers, including in each of their paintings illustrations of well-known historical facts that would attest to the importance of their respective realisations. Some of the paintings were subsequently chosen to be part of the “Builders of the Nation” collection. The artists, for their part, were selected on the basis of the originality and the visual aesthetic qualities of their art. They, in turn, showcased their natural expressiveness by successfully demonstrating the momentous scope of this project, anxious to share with the public how these Prime Ministers contributed to the betterment of Canadian citizens’ everyday lives, thus warranting them the title of “Builders of the Nation”.

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Text by Valérie Kent

Voici une nouvelle série d’articles au sujet des pionniers et des bâtisseurs du Canada…