Claude Picher (1927-1998)

Like a Rough Diamond from the Depths

Great Encounter

” I see the practice of art as a veritable incarnation of life, an excess, a folly, an infinity, a freedom, something organic that can take us much further than all sorts of travels .” Clémentine Célarié

An artist of such stature as Claude Picher cannot be invented. The painter’s successful career began while he was still in his teens. Appreciated by collectors across Canada as much as Jean Paul Lemieux, he quickly gained national notoriety. Voluntary, spontaneous and impulsive in character, he was also known for his political involvement and his acerbic critics towards the established systems that framed the field of visual arts. A look back at an artistic giant that has today almost been forgotten, but is still extremely topical!

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Text by Michel Bois

Claude Picher is represented by:

Galerie Douce Passion, 42 Notre-Dame St., in Québec

Galerie Perreault, 205 Saint-Paul St., in Québec

The writing team thanks these two galleries for the images provided

to illustrate this article.



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