Goran Hamsic

I Paint Because I Am not a Painter

Artist from Elsewhere

” Painting is the tip of the iceberg that inhabits me. “ Dali

At time of writing, Paris is besieged by deadly attacks. Bombs explode. Drive-by shootings are aimed at patrons of an outdoor café. Then, rounds of bullets are shot at an entire audience held hostage in a performance hall. Hundreds are dead. This, while no-one understands why. Goran Hamsic has known war. Every day, the pain of three bullets shot into his body is a constant reminder of the incomprehension and of the urgency of living the present moment. The man claims to have lost all illusions as to the meaning of life. He has seen people die all around him. Massacres. He says he’s not afraid to die. His only real outlet is painting. A time to feel alive again. Encounter with a man that has emerged from the depths of night.

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Text by Michel Bois

The artist is represented by Galerie Douce Passion, 42 Notre Dame Street,

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