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Being an art lover, you take pleasure in visiting gallery exhibitions or strolling along one or more of the many symposiums being held each year across Quebec. You may also search the web to stay aware of current market trends. Some of your favourite pieces adorn your walls and art is part of your daily life.

Then, one day, you realize that: your tastes have changed, you have to move, you don’t really love the painting inherited from your parents, or, the number of paintings you now own prevent you from purchasing others. In short, time has come to separate yourself from a piece of art. Fine, but… how?

Three options present themselves

1. You contact the art gallery that originally sold the painting, if it still exists, or another gallery. To your surprise, you find that the gallery isn’t exactly eager, or is squarely not interested, to accept your painting in consignment. If it does, it will demand a commission fee equal to 30% of the selling price. The gallery owner will explain that he prefers promoting artists he represents with more recent production.

2. You contact one or the other auction houses that organize art sales, mostly in Montreal. You then resign yourself to set a minimum reserve price that is much lower than what you really hoped for. You will also have to pay commission on the selling price, as will the eventual buyer (for example: 20% each).

3. Not convinced? You can still try the classified ads. Despite a good photograph, your painting may find itself in the “arts and antiques” section next to an old motor oil sign from the 1950s, or next to a work painted by an amateur. If your painting has real artistic value, chances are a bargain seeker will notice it…and make you a meagre offer.

A fourth, less known, option now exists: websites where you can post the artwork you wish to sell. Some free sites somewhat resemble vast flee markets where works by professional artists cohabit with unprofessional renderings, and where quantity is valued more than quality. Others, that do impose a fee and are more selective, seek first and foremost to offer quality artworks created by professional artists. One of those is Consign’art, a distinctive site that offers much more than a mere window, for nominal registration fees. – Where art is truly showcased

The low registration cost serves as initial filter for works thereon presented. These registration fees are reinvested in their entirety into advertising aimed at increasing awareness of the site’s existence among art lovers.

The individual who wishes to sell a work of art must consider the abundance of the offer… hence the importance of using the right platform, one where the piece he is selling is showcased to its best advantage. The buyer also benefits from a centralized offer which gives him access to an array of high quality pieces. Consign’art’s objective is to become a reliable and inescapable reference on the art market, for selling and for buying customers as well. You wish to sell a work of art? Think Consign’art!

Paul Carbonneau

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