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Should you one day cross path with Raphaëlle Séguin, she may well capture an aspect of your facial physiognomy and use it to create one of her cheerful figures.

The artist’s paintings are in fact inhabited by characters with wide intriguing eyes, wearing subtle glasses. Whether named Colin, Fabrice or Sacha, the subjects candidly stare back at us, sometimes with a questioning look in their eyes. On her Facebook page, which she updates regularly, Raphaëlle Séguin generously shares her passion, her work in studio and her day-to-day life as an artist. In spring 2015, she was a finalist at the provincial ExpoPlus, a competition taking place exclusively on the Internet and social media. The artist’s pictorial creation is presently very well received. Her works in acrylic and pastel are displayed in various galleries in Québec and in the United States.

How important is it for an artist to have a website and be present on social media?

R.S.: In my opinion, it is primordial for an artist to have a personal website which allows you to directly communicate with the public, thus increasing your visibility and recognition for your work. Through my website art lovers are able to easily view my creations without having to go to an art gallery. The use of social media platforms is also proving highly effective in reaching potential buyers. These platforms offer me the possibility of connecting with other artists represented in galleries and share their experiences, projects, undertakings, etc. Social media has also afforded me the opportunity of communicating with patrons in France, Spain, United States and Mexico. Proof that the Web knows no border!

How would you describe your artistic work in a tweet of 140 characters, hashtags included?

R.S.: Contemporary style paintings created with #passion and a grain of folly. #playful, sensitive, naïve, candid, introspective, colourful. POW!

Have you called on professional help for your website design and programming?

R.S.: I did everything myself. It is today easy enough (while demanding) to create a personal website without being a professional web designer. You simply need to take the time needed and inquire a bit. Personally, I used the Wix platform to set-up my site. (

At what frequency do you update your website?

R.S.: On a weekly basis if possible, or even more frequently. It depends on whatever time is available, whether I am in a period of creation or not.

How much time are you investing on your Facebook page?

R.S.: I am present on Facebook almost on a daily basis. During pauses in my creative process, I take my messages or dispense information.

Have social media markedly impacted your career? Can you give us a concrete example?

R.S.: Absolutely! Last spring, one of my paintings won the ExpoPlus contest organized by Abribus and Québecor media. The public voted, via their website, for their favourite work out of 10 finalists. They were also invited to share their choice on social media. Thanks to this recognition, my work entitled “Harry” was projected on seven feet high luminous panels in some twenty “Abribus” bus stops in Greater Montreal.

If you could recommend only one Website to other artists, which one would it be?

R.S.: I find the website very interesting. It features on a daily basis the best of contemporary creative culture: graphic art, culture, products, digital clips and arts.

Do you have plans for forthcoming exhibitions?

R.S.: I am actually in preparation for a solo exhibition in Rosemère. Details will be posted on my Facebook page as well as on my website. I have 1001 projects in mind that I will probably never be able to realize during one lifetime!

Text by Isabelle Gagné

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