Edith Jolicoeur

From Mixed Techniques to New Media

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Edith Jolicoeur is a Gaspé artist whose works have been showcased in the National History Museum of the Parc National de Miguasha and in the Musée de la Gaspésie as well as in various recognized exhibition venues.

Her works are part of public and private collections in North-America. Recipient of a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for research and creation projects and a graduate of the International Academy of Design, the artist’s creative approach is based on a story telling style. For almost fifteen years, she has been turning old doors into true works of art. Presently, her practice is rather oriented towards new media, integrating photography, videography and printing, thus progressively abandoning the voluminous and heavy supports she had previously been using.

For 13 summers, Edith Jolicoeur has operated a personal art gallery in Carleton-sur-Mer in the Baie-des-Chaleurs. In parallel with her artistic practice, she works as a consultant with a mission of helping artists and cultural organizations take advantage of what the Web and social media can offer.



How would you describe your artistic work in a tweet of 140 characters, hashtags included?

E.J.: Based on a story telling style, my artistic process combines visual arts and new media. #Art #Storytelling #Techno #POM


In your opinion, how important is having a website for an artist or a gallery owner?

E.J.: As an artist, my website provides me with a window that is accessible at all times to the public as well as to me. Nowadays, people no longer wish to go out and about to have access to art, they would rather be able to appreciate art from the comfort of home, which is made possible through the Web.


Have you called on professional help for your website design and programming?

E.J.: No. I attended my first HTML courses in 1998 and have always built my own websites.


What would you recommend for artists who still do not have a website and whose budget is very limited?

E.J.: A responsive website is a must, in my opinion. It’s possible to set one up free of charge without domain name. It’s also possible to have a site with domain name and without advertising for as little as one hundred dollars a year.


At what frequency do you update your website?

E.J.: During periods of active creation, I may post daily updates. Otherwise, it varies according to my blog posts. In an ideal world, I would update it weekly, at the very least.


Traces, extrait d'oeuvre

Traces, extrait d’oeuvre

How much time, on a professional basis, are you investing in social media?

E.J.: If we only consider my artistic activities, between 4 and 10 hours a week depending on the period.


How have social media helped you in your career? Can you give us a concrete example?

E.J.: I prefer to consider Web activities as a whole (including newsletter and website) rather than focussing solely on social media. Overall, more than 80% of my business turnover can be attributed to my ACTIVE presence on the Web and social media.


As a professional artist, do you maintain a blog? What topics do you discuss and how frequently do you post?

E.J.: Yes, there is a blog section integrated to my professional website. I post about different topics: slice of artistic life, special projects, soft frustrations, etc. The posting frequency varies on whether or not I am in an active period of creation. In an ideal world, I would like to post a new entry on a monthly basis.


Does your site allow virtual shopping? If so, what is the ratio of online transactions to your overall revenues? Do you feel there is reluctance on the part of artists about selling their works online?

E.J.: My site is not transactional and I do not wish it to be. Mostly due to the fact that I am among that small number of ‘cranked’ artists who insist on having a written sales contract for each work sold. All prices for my works are posted on my site, where there is also a note saying that I value human contact and that interested parties are invited to contact me via email or phone to discuss modes of transaction, payment and delivery. When I do sell a piece of art, in all discretion and as a sign of respect for my clients, I quickly remove the indicated price replacing it with the word ‘SOLD’.



Text by Isabelle Gagné (MissPixels)

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