Rosa Serra

and Xavier Carbonell

Forms, Volume and Space

THUIR (Catalonia, France), Winter 2011

The tramontana, that gale force wind from the Pyrénées, is fiercely blowing on the old town. In a corner of the city square, I am waiting for my husband, somewhat protected from the wind behind a bronze sculpture that is round, warm and maternal, next to a palm tree.

A little further on this same grassed area, next to an olive tree; a second bronze sculpture faces the first, powerful and imposing, representing Saint George overcoming the Dragon. Sant Jordi, the illustrious patron saint of Catalonia from South to North. I look for a signature to no avail, finding only initials. After investigation, I finally learn the name of the creator of these two superb bronze sculptures: Rosa Serra. As days go by, the intensity of the moment I experienced between these two sculptures fades away.

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Text by Christiane Frenay

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