Shokichi Sato

When Forms are Shaped through Sentiment

Forms, Volume and Space

“We must content ourselves to discover and never try to explain.” Georges Braque.

Bronze is a traditional material of ancient heritage. It is a preferred medium of sculptors due to the feasibility of juxtaposing in one élan sparkling smooth surfaces and textured details of minute finesse. This being said, the present day volition to produce artworks in bronze is interesting as it testifies to how perfectly this material can be adapted to contemporary expressions.

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Texte by Michel Bois

Shokichi Sato is represented by : Galerie Jean-Pierre Valentin, Montréal ; Galerie Michel-Ange, Montréal ; Galerie Yvon Desgagnés, Baie-Saint-Paul ; Galerie Dimension Plus, Montréal ; Galerie d’art du Mont-Ste-Anne, Beaupré


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