I’ve often thought that the view from the roof of a building in Quebec City’s Old Town is pretty much the same view that most North Americans think of as being Parisian and that if you can’t get to Paris, Quebec City more than makes up for that.

The Musee National des beaux-arts du Quebec on the Plains of Abraham will be showing Morrice and Lyman in the Company of Matisse from May 8-September 7, 2014. James Wilson Morrice and John Lyman were two Canadian painters who were able to live abroad in exile as they developed their international reputations.

Lyman studied with Matisse at his Academy in 1910 and Morrice met and became friends with Matisse when both were living in Tangiers. The new exhibition is the first to feature both men in 25 years. The works on exhibition consists of 130 oils on wood, canvas and cardboard and come from museums across Canada and Europe as well as both domestic and international private collections. The exhibition will also mark the first time Matisse’s Palm Leaf, Tangier will be exhibited in Canada. It is there in order to show Matisse’s influence on Morrice’s West Indies paintings.

Summer 2014

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