Moving on from looking at the past to inspiring the future The Tate Modern in London is showing Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs from April 17-September 7, 2014. When you look at the cut outs one of the questions you end up walking away with is whether or not there would have been a Pop Art explosion in the 1960‘s without the influence of Matisse’s work. Matisse worked on the cut-outs in his old age starting when he was 71, recovering from radical colon surgery and confined to either a wheelchair or bed. He couldn’t work at an easel but he could shape form and colour by using scissors, coloured paper and pins to attach them to the wall. Eventually Matisse would have an assistant pin the pieces of a work against the wall and finally they would be taken down and framed in glass. Matisse worked for the last 13 years of life on the cut-outs. There are 130 cut-outs in the show and some of them are very large.

Summer 2014

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