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Michel Soulières

For Others to See

Contemporary Realism

« Abstraction lives in its own dimension and time. It only becomes a work of art through an artist’s unguarded actions… »

– André Malraux

Michel Soulières has a passion for painting. A need that must absolutely be filled, an irresistible obsession, almost a compulsion! In his sleep, he dreams about the joys of painting. Early in the morning, before making breakfast for his children, he tries to capture the images that came to him during the night. Otherwise, his creative élan must be relegated to the weekends and any other free moments when he is not working as a house painter, a job that helps provide for daily necessities and at which he excels notably when marble and granite faux finishes are involved. The latter, needlessto- say, he mostly performs in prestigious locations and on a large scale.

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 Text by Michel Bois

Michel Soulières is represented by the Beauchamp Galleries in Québec and in Toronto.

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