La Moulin La Lorraine Centre d\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Maison à Baie-Saint-Paul, 1946

Maurice Le Bel (1898-1963)

A Legitimate Career Path – From Earthy Reality to Abstraction

On Exhibit

An avant-garde artist is in opposition with the existing system.” – Ionesco

When you’ve reached the other shore, help others to reach it” – Bouddha

Early 20th century Québecois artists have depicted women, landscapes, scenes of daily life as well as still-life in various media such as engraving, painting and sculpture. Sometime later a few adepts of Cubism integrated a geometrical dimension, void of references, to their art. Then came the Surrealists, lead by Alfred Pellan, with their imaginary and dreamlike creations. Finally, the Abstract Automatists of the Refus Global movement, formed by Borduas, Riopelle, Ferron, Gauvreau, Barbeau and others, enjoy some renown and pave the way for the Plasticiens with Molinari as their national flag bearer. This constitutes, in short, the essence of what we today call the School of Montréal.

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Text by Michel Bois

For information, please contact Mr. Richard Foisy, exhibition curator at Letbridge Exhibition Centre in Saint-Laurent and author of the catalogue published by Fides, and/or Mrs. Céline Le Merlus, Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, at 514-747-7367, extension 7102. –

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