La Côte du Maine, acrylique, 12 x 16 po, 2013,

Louise Calvé

When Painting is as Natural as Eating and Drinking

Great Encounter

I must confess: I fell deeply in love with the work as with the woman, the two being inherently linked. Louise Calvé has been part of Québec’s visual arts scene since the 1960s.

The distinctive artistic trajectory she has chosen warrants that we stop and take note, especially to underline the character traits of an artist that has been able to evolve rapidly between figuration and abstraction, the latter omnipresent, almost required, under the influence of the ‘Refus Global ’ movement. “Artistic expression requires total freedom, ” explains the artist. Having spent time in Paris, she unhesitatingly states that this is where a decisive turning point occurred for her.

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Text by Michel Bois

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