Braise des neiges, technique mixte, 60 x 36 po

Patricia Kramer

A Clever use of contrasts

Art in a feminine perspective

The creative urge has inhabited artist Patricia Kramer for as long as she can remember. After exploring a variety of avenues, she finally found a form of expression her imagination totally embraced: painting.

From fashion design to jewellery and lamp creation, the artist was never at a loss for ideas on how to further her inventive passion. She constantly endeavoured to explore new opportunities and live out her dreams, but commercial constraints hindered her need for expansion and she craved more liberty. These varied experiences gradually outlined the path she would follow, as she gained confidence in herself, until it became evident that her plan of life could only be realized through painting. Having devoted the last eighteen months exclusively to her art, this native of Holland, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Québec in Three-Rivers and a college diploma in fashion design from LaSalle College, is finally able to find her true persona and reach her full potential.

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

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