Estelle et N oiraude, 48 x 48 in

Hélène Caron

Allegorical Bestiary

Artist Profile

The field of dog training having long been a part of Hélène Caron’s life, it is with great sadness that she resigned herself to abandon the idea of sharing her life with an animal companion, due to allergies suffered by those close to her.

Deprived of the pleasure of interacting with either a cat or a dog, she directed her need towards the visual representation of animals, mostly of those that would not remind her of what she was missing. “It’s been a painful grieving process, since connecting with animals is essential to me. I had to find another way of having them around me.”

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

Hélène Caron is represented by the 3 Beauchamp galleries of Quebec City, Baie-St-Paul and Toronto, as well as by galerie Luxart in Old Montreal

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