Alexi-Martin Courtemanche

Kneading the Light

Artist Profile

“It’s the uncertainty that charms. A mist makes things wonderful and mysterious.” – Oscar Wilde, author

Oh my goodness! The painter expresses such high sensitivity by recurring to the vaporous contours of sfumato; a technique that goes as far back as Leonardo Da Vinci, which forces the spectator to take a step back, admire and internalize the essence of the work. Rarely used in contemporary art, sfumato is a mode of colour blending which procures a vaporous, even smoky, effect where the subject’s contours are evoked rather than delineated, as through a veil of diffused and blurred lights.

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 Text by  Michel Bois

Alexi-Martin Courtemanche is represented by: La galerie d’art du Château Frontenac, Québec; La galerie d’art Courtemanche, Magog; The artist can be reached via his website to arrange for a visit of his studio/gallery:

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