Gisèle Boulianne

Turn towards the sun and the shadow will be behind you!


A quote about happiness that fits artist Gisèle Boulianne like a glove. Indeed, all of the artist’s creative output reaches the pinnacle of success. For the past 40 years, she has been promoting her works here and abroad with positive results, as evidenced by her studio-gallery on Sault-au-Matelot Street in Québec City.

What is it that ensures success in visual arts? Talent, work, a lot of work, singularity, perseverance, audacity and luck are probably the words that resonate best with a happy and accomplished career. A concerted approach, intuition and adaptation are also words that echo a path towards success. But this, without distorting the very essence of what constitutes the exceptional character and unique creativity of the artist in constant evolution.

For its part, Galerie Gisèle Boulianne has adopted a new orientation: it will no longer present exhibitions on the walls of its historic vaults. The burden of selection and hanging of works, plus assuring their safekeeping, simply got to be too much. It also came at the expense of time allotted to her own creation. There was also this strong sense of disappointment at not being able to secure enough sales for the artists, who, we must say were otherwise very well treated. We can also add that under Gisèle’s guise, her protégés’ exhibitions were rather memorable as to the professional quality of artworks displayed, as an example of Gisèle Boulianne’s generosity.

No recipee

Gisèle Boulianne’s success is unmeasurable. Is chance a factor? Yes and no! First and foremost it involves a considerable amount of work, a critical mind and great sensitivity, also a keen business sense and indescribable instinct. Thus the diversified appearance of her works reproduced on pieces of clothing, bracelets, earrings, cushions, ties, scarves and lamps mounted as sculptures on steel columns, with compelling results. The painter had long wanted to find new avenues for her art when she was approached by a company offering to combine her creative genius and their products. The outcome was more than positive. Which has not always been the case for many other artists who have accepted a similar arrangement, especially abstract artists whose works often ended-up looking like blotches of colour on pieces of clothing of dubious design. In her case, Gisèle Boulianne was able to supervise all stages of the conception process, from the durability of washable fabrics to the accuracy of reproduction thus ensuring recreation of the very essence of her works.

At the time of writing this article, Gisèle Boulianne is absorbing the colours, lights, textures and heady fragrances of Indian spices. Her personal way of unwinding and revivifying herself. Indeed, the great cities visited on each one of her travels have provided new sources of inspiration and filled her with energy, allowing her to continue on her artistic quest. Colours have always been celebrated in India, “Holi” being one of its greatest festival. It is without a doubt its most popular and joyful celebration and, of course, its most colourful. Young and old participants, dressed in white, walk the streets and splash each other with multicoloured powder and water. The pigment colours have precise meanings: red is for joy and love, blue for vitality, green for harmony, orange for optimism.

At this time, the artist’s new production depicts musical instruments (the saxophone), the city of Québec covered with a sparkling winter’s coat, numbers, the idea of endless cycles and the constellations. All painted on canvas or on anodized steel, and enhanced with gold or silver leaf for maximum luminosity.

Here is an interesting anecdote: The artist received a text message with a picture of an Australian woman wearing one of her garments purchased in Québec. “Members of my family will be visiting Québec this summer to purchase leggings and tunics,” said the message. Proof that we are in an era when art and culture can easily be shared, and in this case at record speed. Gisèle Boulianne, a highly talented artist that is recognized beyond borders!

Spring 2019

Galerie d’art Gisèle Boulianne 55, rue du Sault-au-Matelot, Vieux-Port de Québec,

418 802-2505

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