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Originally from Montreal, Claire Desjardins gave up her career as graphic designer in 2011 to dedicate herself entirely to her artistic practice. In her work, she seeks to recreate movement and, in painting, transform personal chaos into tranquility.

This creative intensity is perceivable through the kinetic energy with which the artist applies pigment on canvas, but especially through her most distinctive colour palette.

She has been the recipient of numerous grants for artist residencies, one of which brought her as far as the Da Wang Culture Artist Residency in China. Claire Desjardins is one of the top-selling artists on the Saatchi Art platform, a global leader in transactional websites specializing in the sale of artworks. She also displays her work off the web, in a more traditional fashion, in galleries across Canada.

Due to her consistent Internet presence and the indisputable quality of her work, Claire Desjardins is regularly mentioned on a great number of webzines and influential blogs.

Advice on things, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 72 in

Advice on things, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 72 in

How would you describe your artistic work in a tweet of 140 characters, hashtags included?

C.D.: Abstract painter, inspired by the expressionists of the 1950s.

In your opinion, how important is having a website for an artist or a gallery owner?

C.D.: It’s very important! Everyone is on social media, so we need to be on it too!

Have you called on professional help for your website design and programming?

C.D.: Yes, I had my website programmed by a company specializing in such work. Its design, however, I  did myself, since I actually was a Web designer for many years.

What would you recommend for artists who still do not have a website and whose budget is very limited?

C.D.: Create your own website! If not, join and feature yourself on sites where you will be able to sell your art. For example: Saatchi Art, Fine Art America or Art Finder. Also maintain regular social media presence… It’s free!

At what frequency do you update your website?

C.D.: Ideally, daily!

How much time, on a professional basis, are you investing in social media?

C.D.: I am actively present on social media everyday. I monitor throughout the day and especially during my workshop breaks.

How have social media helped you in your career? Can you give us a concrete example?

C.D.: Of course! It’s an excellent way of promoting my art exhibits and advertising my forthcoming workshops. I once welcomed students from Virginia who had driven 13 hours to attend a workshop that was advertised on Facebook. Some of my paintings have also been sold through sharing on Pinterest or Facebook.

As a professional artist, do you maintain a blog? What topics do you discuss and how frequently do you post?

C.D.: On my blog, where I allow myself to post opinions, I write about events related to my artistic practice, for example: fairs, workshops, inspiring travel experiences, artist residencies, etc.

Do you sell your work on any online gallery?

C.D.: Yes. I am essentially present on Saatchi Art.

Is selling your artwork online a complex process, especially concerning shipping?

C.D.: If you wish to sell on the Internet, you necessarily need to be organized! First, equip yourself with the necessary shipping materials: bubble wrap, cartons and boxes. You must also know what the dimensions and weight of the final parcels are. Inquire about all customs regulations: value of your export, NAFTA rules, other countries regulations, etc. When I possess all this information, everything becomes easier!

If you could recommend only one Website to other artists, which one would it be?

C.D.: Pinterest.

What projects are you entertaining for the coming 6 months (or more)? Exhibitions? Artist residencies? Training?

C.D.: Having just ended my participation in The Artist Project fair in Toronto, where space was allotted to house my production, I am presently dedicating the majority of my time to catching-up with my work in studio! I am scheduled to lead some workshops in Montréal and in the United States and I am in preparation for an exhibition at the Wall Space Gallery in Ottawa.


Text by Isabelle Gagné (MissPixels

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