Galerie Jeannine Blais

Automne 2018

René Lalonde

Pure Outbursts of Joy

Contemporary Realism

Everything really takes off for René Lalonde with his 1999 participation in the famous New York Art Expo, one of the largest worldwide showcase for visual arts in North America. Although there is a long waiting list of hopeful participants, an unpredictable turn of events provides him with a stand where he exhibits some twenty of his works.

At the time, Lalonde essentially paints imaginary landscapes where are anchored warm and comforting small houses which earn him a loyal audience in Canada. As he has been exploring this theme for some time, he is tempted to do something different for this major art event and decides to embark on this adventure with a completely new proposition: colourful geometric drawings the cubist roots of which are freely and whimsically reinterpreted. He had previously entertained this idea but the public had shown little interest upon his first try at the Denison gallery in Old Montreal. Here was his opportunity to explore this longstanding inner desire to create fragmented abstract structures. Once on site, a major art editor notices his work and promises to convince the President of the Chalk & Vermillion Fine Arts Company and the Sales Manager for Martin Lawrence Galleries to come and see his artworks.

Happiness in a vase

Happiness in a vase

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

In Montréal, some of his works can be seen only at Cazeault Gallery on Sherbrooke Street West. The artist can also be reached by email   at to obtain further information pertaining to his exceptional body of work.

Everything really takes off for René Lalonde…

Claude Lafortune

The Soul of a Child

Forms, Volume and Space

 A great creator

Invariably associated with L’Évangile en papier, Radio Canada’s mythical television show that brought him fame, Claude Lafortune has also contributed to set creations for other TV shows such as La Souris verte, La Ribouldingue and Sol et Gobelet. In his capacity as Artistic Director, he signed the sets for the iconic 1972 film IXE-13 and he has created sets for a number of theatrical and musical shows.

He mounted La Très belle histoire de Noël and visually orchestrated the 1981 St-Jean-Baptiste day parade. He worked in television for over 26 years, until the year 2000. Countless books were published based on his TV shows and body of works. Two exhibitions of his works, entitled Colle, papier, ciseaux and L’arche de Noé, are presently touring Québec. In April 2018, Québec’s Lieutenant Governor awarded him the Gold Medal, and he is currently actively participating in the development of a career profile.

Ara le merveilleux perroquet, paper and glue, 2017

Ara le merveilleux perroquet, paper and glue, 2017

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Text by Marie-France Bégis

The L’arche de Noé exhibition is presented at the Musée des religions du monde à Nicolet until March 31, 2019.

The Colle, papier, ciseaux exhibition is presented at the La pulperie de Chicoutimi from February 2 to May 12, 2019.

Invariably associated with L’Évangile en papier…