Yvette Boulanger

A Body of Work that Flows Like a River

Painting a Country

« To paint is to cooperate with earth: it is imprinting a landscape with personal human sensibility that is thus forever modied.» – Marguerite Yourcenar

What a fantastic meeting! Most importantly, what an extraordinary body of work! It will have taken me three whole days to overcome the intense emotion I felt upon meeting this exceptional painter and beco-ming aware of her artistic creation and finally be able to jot down the first few words of the present text. Here is a landscape artist of the calibre of such masters as Ayotte, Rousseau, Thompson, to name a few. Yvette Boulanger’s contemporary artworks also convey a message of “green consciousness”, her themes mostly revolving around preservation of natural environments and wilderness; which places her work on a plane of social awareness that is currently highly relevant. She is also totally commit- ted to the protection of ancestral homes and barns that are part of Québec’s built heritage. In fact, I was welcomed by the ar- tist in her self-restored three-hundred-year- old home that constitutes a fabulous show- case for her art which she polishes each and everyday till it shines like a diamond and flows like a river.  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Yvette Boulanger is represented by Galerie Yvon Desgagnés, 1 Forget Street, Baie-St-Paul. (418) 435-3429

The catalogue entitled “Yvette Boulanger : Le paysage dans tous ses états” is available through Éditions Carte Blanche 

By Michel Bois


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