Marie Montiel

Between Modesty and Admission

Art in a Feminine Perspective 

“Painting someone’s portrait always becomes a self-portrait of the artist who lends to it the virtues he wishes to see in the mirror.”  – Patrick Deville

Softness and sensitivity, plays of light and shadows reminiscent of Renaissance masterpieces: painter Marie Montiel’s creativity is a glorious gift to us all. A body of work full of grace and poetry! A little night music for the eyes! A vision of the human experience expressed with restraint and modesty! Without sentimentality! Without artifice! Marie Montiel is one of those painters blessed with monumental culture. Here is a fresh and acute talent that de-lights us with deliciously intimate canvases that speak to the soul. To achieve this goal, Marie Montiel carefully selects her models, most often among her group of friends: actors, singers and pain- ters, like her.

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By Michel Bois

The works of Marie Montiel are available at Galerie d’art Le Vieil Art in Alma, Québec, at Galerie du Lac Brome in Knowlton, Québec, and at Galerie dʼArt Courtemanche in Magog, Québec. 

Spring 2014

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