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The Winnipeg Art Gallery is exhibiting The Man Who Made Time Stand Still: The photographs of Harold Edgerton, running through until April 9, 2017.

Edgerton was an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology whose experiments with strobe lights during the 1930s morphed into the development of a new camera ash device that captured stillness in motion. Edgerton became famous for the pictures that followed, lush shots of bullets travelling through apples and pole vaulters climbing through space in individual frames.

Eventually Edgerton would turn his camera to capturing liquid droplet formation and the movements of animals and athletes, as well as some beautiful images of bullets passing through a variety of objects. This would lead to The National Geographic dubbing him “The Man Who Made Time Stand Still.”

WAG acquired 60 Edgerton prints from MIT in 2013 and this exhibition is made up of 31 of those prints.

Also on View in Winnipeg is Starting with Rodin, staged to celebrate Rodin’s 176th birthday. The exhibition is slated to run through into the Spring. The centerpiece consists of the recently donated major bronze Danaid. The exhibition is made of 30 pieces from the museum’s collection bringing together those who came before Rodin and those whom he influenced.

Winter 2017

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