War and Peace

The contradictory universe of ceramist Laurent Craste

Actual Expression

Ceramist Laurent Craste’s creations plunge us into a unique antithetical universe where the glorification of beauty and the bruising of destruction are literally and figuratively confronted. Voluntarily and specifically, the artist pushes the contradiction between two proposals of opposite meanings; between two general ideas derived from reality. On one part, there is the beauty of porcelain featured at its peak decorative and flamboyant qualities with its classic references, and on the other, the reference to historical and contemporary events marked by major breakages or dramatic societal episodes.

[…] “I use historical archetypes as a material in itself, in an approach that explores the meaning of decorative collectibles.” – Laurent Craste.

Laurent Craste and his work Iconocraste - photo © Laurent Craste

Laurent Craste and his work Iconocraste – photo © Laurent Craste

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Text by Marie-France Bégis

To view Laurent Craste’s works:

– Solo exhibition at Galerie YL-S Art contemporain, Saint-Gabriel de Brandon. Vernissage: September 21, 2019.
Art Toronto contemporary art fair. Galerie 3. From October 25 to 27, 2019.
– Solo exhibition at Galerie 3, Québec. From November 22 to December 22, 2019.
– Group exhibition as part of the eXcentrer series at Galerie d’art Desjardins in Drummondville. From November 8 to December 15, 2019.

Header image : Petite immolation II, porcelain, smoking and encaustic, 15,3 x 33,2 x 20 cm, 2012 – photo © David Bishop Noriega

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