Tania Lebedeff

Emergence of Alternating Images

Great Encounter

“To see the world differently, one must start by thinking differently.” – Anton Gill

Without a doubt, Tania Lebedeff works in perfect synchronicity from both her left and right hemispheres, manifest by the evolution of her work as an overall and total macrocosm. A universe where the human silhouette mutates, is not limited to one viewing angle or one approach, where other figures tengentially stem from the depth of the canvas. A universe that goes beyond matter to better permeate the psyche.

Nuit de pleine lune, 48 x 48 in - photo © Guy l’Heureux

Nuit de pleine lune, 48 x 48 in – photo © Guy l’Heureux

Are we faced with surreal systems and doctrines? Maybe. But, it rather seems to me that the painter’s intrinsic ambition is aimed at piercing the secrets of the soul through her passion for creation. Indeed, Tania Lebedeff is able to depict poetry, movement and marvelous visual discoveries, in such a way as to nourish the spectator’s own perception. We are thus given to understand that these works of art find their meaning and specificity being imbued with dominant awareness of the relationship between content and form. The content being the most distant plane of the image that attempts to break to the surface  in  a  hesitation  waltz  that  transcends  the  form. Surreptitiously the soul becomes visible and overshadows the incarnate being.

Les errants, 36 x 48 in - photo © Guy l’Heureux

Les errants, 36 x 48 in – photo © Guy l’Heureux

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Text by Michel Bois

To reach Tania Lebedeff :

À l’atelier : 1087, Laurier Blvd, Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Québec) Canada J3G 4S6 514 834-6543

In Montreal : Galerie Richelieu, 7903, Saint-Denis street, Montreal (Québec) Canada H2R 2G2 514-381-2247

Header image : Globe-trotters diptyque 2 fois, 48 x 36 in (detail) – photo © Guy l’Heureux

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