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Sylvain Coulombe

Traces of life

Artist Profile

With slanted glances, Sylvain Coulombe’s figures embed their sweet presence. Their sinuously textured, colourful faces showcased  against bare backgrounds are instantly distinguishable. But are they male or female faces? Impossible to determine, other than they are human faces.

The  artist’s intent is to portray the very soul of his subject. His large format paintings on wood leave no one indifferent: giant faces, bared of artifice, invoke a narrative the observer is eager to imagine. “Texture breathes life,” according to the artist whose process is unique. Minimizing flourishes allows him to bare the human soul and ensure that his message will be received unambiguously, as a true visceral reaction.

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Text by Isabelle Gauthier

Represented by : Galerie Blanche, Thompson Landry, Galerie L’Harmattan, Galerie d’Art AlphaLas Olas Fine Arts, Galerie Château Frontenac.

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