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Claudine Hébert

Undisciplined and Timeless Art

Great Encounter

Life is simple for those who do not seek to understand, because they are either naïve or very intelligent. But those that are neither naïve enough, nor intelligent enough, do not find any answer to their questions.– Samuel-Joseph Agnon

Claudine Hébert’s distinctive paintings prove that there is no need to travel very far to find yourself in a different universe. The voyage takes form in the painter’s head and is reflected in her art. Too bad for those who cannot comprehend! To paint spontaneously, without any set theory or specific knowledge, classifies the artist as a “naïve” painter. To paint the collective subconsciousness or daily life by instinct, while being totally aware of effects of colour, of rules of proportion and composition, attaches the “popular art” label. Trained as a graphic designer, Claudine Hébert, sails between the expressive colours, the humour, the knowledge and the sense of wonder inherent to both appellations. The painter, thus, transcends the genres. And, as is true for all Naïve and Popular artists, she wishes to bequeath spectators with important moments of her own life.

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 Text by Michel Bois

Claudine Hébert is represented by Galerie Jeannine Blais, 102 Main Street, North Hatley.


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