Stéphane Gagnon

Absolute Talent

Painting a Country

“To all those who question you on the practice of art… tell them that it’s not only a matter of skill, that something more is needed, a certain something that cannot be taught…  finesse… charm, something that is inherent to the artist.” – Renoir

It’s been more than ten years since your Magazin’Art has mused over painter Stéphane Gagnon’s notable creation. Hence, what a pleasure it is to have another opportunity of sharing with you the full dimension of this artist’s incredible talent! Since our previous encounter years ago on Île d’Orléans, the man now facing me has greatly matured. His eye hasn’t lost any of its sparkle and acuity. Much as a great wine vintage, his art, his palette and his impressionistic vision have improved with time. Confident in his knowledge and expertise, the painter minimizes his merit and readily adopts a modest attitude during our interview. The greater the man, the greater de courtesy, says the dictum, of which Stéphane Gagnon is living proof. In the realm of visual arts, he is gifted with high sensitivity and tremendous ability. He is able to hear the roar of waterfalls, the trickling of brooks or the calls of birds, as he paints on full moon nights. This is the occupation he has chosen. He loves challenges and each painting is a battle he must fight till it reaches a happy conclusion, as a guiltless need that must be fulfilled.

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Text by Michel Bois

Stéphane Gagnon is represented by Galerie Douce Passion, 42A, rue Notre-Dame, Québec, Qc /418 648-9292 /

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