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Chagall Colour and Music will be running at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from January 28-June 11, 2017. Chagall is one of the most important popular modern artists and although he flirted with Cubism, Fauvism, Suprematism and Surrealism he always in the end returned to represen-tational and narrative art. As the name suggests the exhibition takes a look at how music influenced Chagall’s work. Music played an important role in Chagall’s life as an artist. He designed the sets for operas The Magic Flute and Daphnis and Chloe as well as the ballets Aleko and The Firebird. It also played a large part in his painted work. The exhibition consists of 400 works including paintings, sculptures, maquettes, gouaches, stained glass windows, photo-graphs, films, costumes and puppets. Many of these objects have not been seen by the general public.

Spring 2017


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