Hibou II , 24 x 24 po Hibou II , 24 x 24 po

Michel Blouin

Being True to Oneself – In Praise of Artistic Creation

Contemporary realism

“Art never comes to rest in the beds we’ve made-up for it.” – Jean Dubuffet

Those are the words by which Michel Blouin welcomed me to his Île d’Orléans home. Some sort of warning, I guess, but I was pleased to hear it. For the artist never dwells in the conformity of déjà-vu. To be able to take this stand, he has read all he could about art, and has visited a great number of exhibitions, locally and abroad. He was able to form a clear idea about the authenticity of self-expression in the visual arts.

A self-taught painter of undeniably unique talent, poet and musician, it’s refreshing to hear the artist speak of spontaneous art, without any form of academic pretention and conforming to no established aesthetic standards. Dubuffet would be speaking of “raw art” or “mediumistic painting”. As if a diamond in the rough was present in each of us, the facets of which we would need to polish to achieve the greatest possible luminescence.  Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Michel Bois

Michel Blouin is represented by: Galerie Québec Art, 40, rue notre-Dame, à Québec. Tel. : 418 692-8200

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