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Jacques Hamel

Artist Profile

“The value of an artist is measured not only through the quality of his work, but equally through the degree of love and perseverance he puts into it.” – Cécile Fortier Keays.

A painter’s career that spans some forty years! With parents that attended Québec’s School of Fine-Arts at the same time as Jean-Paul Lemieux, Dallaire and Paul Lacroix. Jacques Hamel has basked in an artistic universe and has been drawing since the age of 5, always curious about his environment. His hand is firm and steadily develops. Decors and happy atmospheres parade in his head like so many Polaroid pictures instantly revealing themselves to the photographer.

Influenced by his parents’ way of life, but largely diverted by them from the perspective of an artistic career, he nevertheless enrolls, in his a late teens, at the Québec School of Fine-Arts which will later become the Laval University Art School. Somewhat disappointed and embittered at not being able to learn in the manner he sees fit the rudiments and basics of painting, he turns his attention towards the theories and knowledge of graphic design. Antoine Dumas and Claude A. Simard will be his distinguished professors.

Parc des Gouverneurs, 16 x 20 in

Parc des Gouverneurs, 16 x 20 in

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Text by Michel Bois

Jacques Hamel is represented by the prestigious Galerie Douce-Passion 42A, rue Notre-Dame, Québec.

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