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Guy Brassard

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“A painting and its painter part ways when they no longer need one another. When the painting can no longer nourish the painter, when the painter can no longer nourish his painting.” – Christian Bobin

A master painter once said: “If you start working on a painting and already see it completed in your mind, abandon the project and start another; your painting is already done,” relates the artist to his students. He adds: “A painting comes to life as it is being created.”

For two years now, Guy Brassard has had the opportunity of teaching drawing and oil painting to diverse groups of students. He urges them to step out of their comfort zone, to forego the safety of photographs and let themselves be guided by their instinct, by what radiates from within. An intuitive painter, he teaches them how to observe and interpret, to trust themselves, to loosen-up. “An artist must remain open to the unexpected, welcome surprises and accidents,” says the teacher. “The canvas will speak to you!” A conversation occurs between the painter and his painting. During the process of creation, it invites him to apply such a colour, to draw a particular shape. Once a work is completed, a painter might say, for example, that this barn’s blue roof simply could not have been painted in another colour; this shade of blue naturally imposed itself to him along the process.

Champs de rêve, oil applied with spatula on canvas, 27 x 57 in

Champs de rêve, oil applied with spatula on canvas, 27 x 57 in

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Text by Anny Brassard

Header image: Les blés sont mûrs, oil applied with spatula on canvas, 24 x 36 in


Hiver 2020

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