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Denise Pelletier – Molding the Light

Whether the sky be pink or violet, the water green, Denise Pelletier feels the urgency of capturing what is presented to her. Her biggest challenge is knowing when to stop. She knows how to draw and would be inclined to over refine her sketching to the risk of losing the freshness of spontaneity. An absolute must read!


“One morning, one of us ran out of black and used blue: it was the birth of Impressionism.”
– Auguste Renoir

A heartfelt vision

Painter Denise Pelletier is able to capture the essence of things with disconcerting facility. Suffices to let her prancing heart express itself. Blue for the skies. Green for nature. Yellow and red for fruits… I kid! No, Denise Pelletier never relies on the initial aspects of things. Her brush seizes the colours of intuition in accordance with the timely luminous subtleties of the day. On the walls, I see paintings inhabited with light, created with remarkable knowhow devoid of subterfuge. The artist expresses herself generously. She believes in the limpidity of ephemeral things. She is able to squint her eyes towards the sunlight to extricate the rarest and finest of its juices. Thus are born vibrant works of art charged with a presence, a scent, an ambiance or a sentiment that you will never forget.


Vignes, automne, Provence, acrylique, 16 × 22 po

Edimbourg, acrylique, 20 × 24 po


A woman who dares

Originally from the Lower Saint Lawrence region, Denise Pelletier completed her collegial studies in graphic design and photography in Rivière-du-Loup. In the early 80s, she settles in the Outaouais region where she works as graphic designer and decorator. In 1988, she obtains her BA in Art History at the University of Ottawa. During her 30 year career as a visual arts teacher, Denise Pelletier has always reserved precious and prolonged moments abroad to unwind, take time for herself and allow herself the freedom to paint. Denise Pelletier has refined her technique at the Ottawa Art School. The Fine-Arts school in Avignon France, immersive stages in London, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and the luminosity of Provence where you become one with nature, all contributed to the exquisite tenor of her approach. She has also participated in a number of workshops held in Normandy, Provence and Tuscany. In 2004, she indulged herself with a few months’ work in Cassis, a small commune near Marseille in the south of France, as she also did in Corsica and Italy during the fall of 2008. In the fall of 2012, she was able to set her palette to the colours of Ireland and Morocco. This was followed by another stay in Provence and in Croatia where she led a painting Denise Pelletier Molding the Light workshop on the island of Korcula. Another step in preparation for a return to Corsica in the fall of 2016. Not really a representative of Québec’s tradition, nor of any European school, she follows a path that uniquely characterizes her among collectors. “Manet applies twelve brushstrokes and you have onions and shallots. Everything is there, with an economy of means,” says the painter.


Chez les Philpa, acrylic, 12 × 12 in


Michel Bois


Denise Pelletier is represented

by Galerie Imbert

7 rue Jacques de la Roque

13100, Aix en Provence

+33 972 58 37 30

819-778-0590 or 819-918-8664



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