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Claude Gauthier

Giving Free Rein to Imagination

Great Encounter

Accessing the imaginary world of Claude Gauthier means following a path filled with radiant colours and symbols. His dreamlike and whimsical works invite the viewer on an ethereal journey the sense of which only he can interpret.

The art of Claude Gauthier never goes unnoticed: bright colours, subjects depicted on abstract backgrounds, graphic textures and composition, all vigorously catch the eye. These visual design qualities are the result of a long career in graphic arts with Radio-Canada. Where art begins and illustration ends is an indeterminate point that is characteristic of his body of work. An open door to the realm of fantasy, his art emits a juvenile aura which he explains thusly: “It may seem a bit childish, but that’s normal for I’m still a child!” His fantasy landscapes are filled with varied objects that are repeatedly featured in his paintings: houses, vases, horses. Without any precise narrative, his unbridled creations leave room to the imagination and free interpretation. Abonnez-vous au contenu de notre site internet pour lire ce texte. Subscribe to our Website content to read more

Text by Isabelle Gauthier

Represented by: Galerie Lydia Monaro, Vieux-Montréal Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur


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