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Céline Girard – A Wind of Freedom!


The only one of its kind in Québec, the Atelier-Galerie Céline Girard is a venue for artistic gatherings where one may admire, purchase or exhibit artworks, attend painting classes on a variety of themes, experience “artistic vacations” or even, on a monthly basis, rent a creation locale should one feel the sudden urge to paint.


Brasier, 24 × 18 po


Faithful to her true nature

The artist I have the pleasure of meeting has long been totally in love with creation. Although, as it happens, Céline Girard was rather a late starter in the artistic field. Having worked in administration for some twenty years, she experiences an inner calling to express herself through art. While she studied ceramics for a year and a half, it is during an art-therapy course on The Creative Process that the revelation comes to her: she wants to be a painter! Hence, at 45 years of age, animated with that profound desire and encouraged by her husband, she plunges. She leaves a stable, well-paying job and undertakes studies towards a Certificate in Plastic Arts. Admitted at the Université du Québec . Montréal, she obtains her Bachelor’s degree in Visual arts and Media, and starts working on a micro-master degree in Art-therapy. It is during that period of artistic development that the acorn becomes an oak tree! “I was lucky, she says, to have studied colour with one of our great artists, Dominique Sarazin,” which afforded her solid training. She also mentions her “bible”, a volume entitled The art of composition, which she re-reads and studies regularly. Constantly furthering her knowledge is also one of her passions, almost as much as creating. The artist reveals herself through abstract art, in acrylics. She has always been fascinated by the force of natural elements: the power of fire, of water, which is present in most of her paintings, vivid, fiery, almost stormy. While she uses forceful and pure colours, such as intense reds and deep blues; a subtle sense of harmony emanates from her paintings which are pleasing to the eye. “We thank you Mrs. Girard.” Without your audacity, no one would have known the magnificent artist and teacher you have become!


Dégel, acrylique sur toile, 36 × 48 po


My Canadian artistic-vacations

Located in Québec’s Eastern Townships region, so welcoming for a myriad of artists, with its charming boutiques, museums, restaurants and bistros, Magog is a beautiful, lively and inviting city. Which is the reason why our talented artist has chosen this location to establish her art gallery.

Here is how Céline Girard proposes her artistic vacations: while your life partner attends painting workshops for a week, a day, or à
la carte, you can lounge in a spa, search for hidden treasures, hike in nature or relax in a small Café with a good book. Delicious! Each one lives their own dream day and you get together in the evening sharing a good meal. The Atelier-Galerie Céline Girard offers affordable courses to a multi-level clientele. Even aspiring artists who have never held a brush will be delighted by the experience. Since each student receives individual instructions, it is possible to join a group mid-session. The Atelier-Galerie welcomes a maximum of eight students at a time, hence reservation is recommended. Attending a course or enjoying artistic vacations at Atelier- Galerie Céline Girard, certainly means treating oneself with a great gift, but it can also mark the start of a great adventure!


Céline Girard with her students


Atelier-Galerie Céline Girard is located

at 241, Principale Ouest, Magog, QC

To reach the venue, take the small lane

on the right side of the hotel.

Info and reservation: 450 845-6089


Anny Brassard



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