Even though the Globe and Mail has come out and said that the Alex Colville show is just simply too large, (isn’t that like saying there’s too much ice cream in the world?) I still think everyone should go to Alex Colville August 23-January 4, 2015 at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Colville was well known for being his own man and that manifested itself in his style which could be described as magic realism in which there is always the sense that some kind of uneasy question is lurking around the corner. Something disquieting is about to happen that will forever change the person who witnesses it. This sense of impending doom may very well have been the result of his service as a war artist during the Second World War.

Colville was a remarkable artist and famed for his abilities as a draftsman. He had an international reputation and in Canada some of his images have become iconic as maple syrup. The exhibition is made up of more than 100 works and includes the following pictures: Horse and Train , To Prince Edward Island , Woman in Bathtub and Target, Pistol and Man .

Autumn 2014

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