Musée d’art Contemporain


If you like Leonard Cohen you may want to take in the exhibition dedicated to him at Montreal’s Musée d’art Contemporain. Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything runs from November 9, 2017 to April 9, 2018. All in all it’s a very interesting exhibition and may perhaps prove to be a template for future requiems. The MAC was in discussions with Cohen about mounting an exhibition before he died and obtained the rights to use whatever they chose from his artistic output.

In dealing with Cohen they started by saying that they weren’t interested in mounting what may be described as a normal exhibit containing objects that Cohen had used or worn. Instead MAC commissioned 40 forty artists from ten countries, musicians, filmmakers and performers to revisit Cohen’s work and reinterpret or respond to it. The result occupies six galleries at MAC.

Many of the exhibits are interactive. One features Cohen himself responding to questions in a variety of interviews. Another uses an organ where pressing a key triggers Cohen reading one of his poems. Another gallery is devoted to concert footage. There is, of course for the poet of sadness, a depression room. To top matters up for each month the show runs one of Cohen’s albums will be covered by musicians in a concert at the Salle Gesù.

Winter 2018

If you like Leonard Cohen you may want to take in the exhibition…