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Galerie d’art Michel-Ange

On the Footsteps of

René Lemay (1934-2015)

Contemporary Realism

When everything seems short-lived and quickly forgotten, sometimes persists an inner desire for continuance. Once human beings become dust, very few traces of their passage are left behind, aside from their direct descendants. Some traces of their lifetime achievements may remain, provided they are durable enough to avoid deterioration that would also lead to their disappearance.

For a creator like René Lemay, outbursts of pigments spread out on canvases attest of his own small moments of happiness captured on the fly, each subject deriving from a sudden burst of joy. In rediscovering his works, his two sons are momentarily reliving all the various stages of the painter’s artistic path. They are the instigators of an extensive research aimed at gathering up all of the artworks produced by their father throughout his artistic career. First and foremost a gesture of love to revive memories of and feel closer to the deceased, but also as a means of learning more about him and further promote his talent, as a posthumous tribute in constant evolution.

The Golden Fish - 33 x 25 in, 2007

The Golden Fish – 33 x 25 in, 2007

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Text by Lisanne Le Tellier

The whole of the collection can be found at and Galerie Michel-Ange still has some of the works on display.

When everything seems short-lived and quickly forgotten…