Dreamscape (Ancestor series), conté, 58,5 x 39 po, 1975

Soul Catcher

The Art of John Gould

The art of drawing

Great art has great presence. It has visual impact. It draws you to the work and holds your attention, partly because of the artist’s style, partly because of his or her subject matter.

Canadian artist John Gould (1929-2010) is recognized mostly for his consistently high quality, mesmerizing drawings, a medium he favored. “Painting and sculpture are slow and maddeningly indirect,” he writes, in John Gould Journals , 1996. “Art materials in all their bulky complexity have a way of overwhelming the work. All that labor is honorable, but it slows you down. That’s why I’ve spent my life drawing; it’s finally just me and the paper. To pull a line across the page is to feel a quickening of brain and muscle. To draw is to join real time.”

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Text by John Norris

Photos are courtesy of the Roberts Gallery


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